Private Investigator Cardiff: I-Spy Private Detective Agency Cardiff

I-Spy are the leading professional private investigation agency in the United Kingdom and cover the whole of the country with local branches situated throughout, including in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, renowned for having the most castles of any worldwide city and home to the top rated Cardiff University.

We provide discreet private and corporate investigation as well as other professional services such as process serving and person or debtor tracing across the entirety of the UK, with our Cardiff office covering the city and the area of South Wales.

Our British investigators are highly experienced and fully trained in private investigation and corporate investigation and we also have a multidisciplinary team of technicians and experts providing us with the capacity to address all personal or professional concerns for any private individual or corporate client.

I-Spy professional investigators have the proven ability to consistently uncover the truth and acquire the facts, information, and undeniable evidence that our clients hire us to obtain, and we have an impressive rate of repeat business from private individuals and companies who know they can rely on us to achieve results.

How can private investigator Cardiff services help me?

I-Spy have helped innumerable private individuals over our many years of operation in the private investigation industry and it is often surprising to most people to learn how broad a range of services and situations professional private investigation covers.

Our private investigation Cardiff team consists of the highest calibre of private detectives selected for their backgrounds in police, military, or government service, skill sets and expertise, and their personal attributes that enable them to maintain the high standards I-Spy ensure our private clients receive.

Whether you require concrete evidence for divorce or child custody legal proceedings, to prove infidelity by a partner or spouse, to track down a missing loved one or evasive debtor, surveillance or a background check undertaken on a person in your life or any other investigative service, I-Spy are the agency you can trust.

Our private detectives conduct themselves with absolute professionalism at all times and we guarantee that your information and investigation will remain discreet and confidential, and managed with full compliance with all Data Protection Act requirements. 

If you need to find out the truth, in the shortest of timescales, and obtain irrefutable evidence that enables you to make fully informed decisions, confront a perpetrator, or conclusively address wrongdoing, I-Spy professional investigative services offer the only solution you require.

How can private investigator Cardiff services help my South Wales business?

No matter what size of business you own or run, or whatever industry you operate in, every business is vulnerable to threat and harm posed by fraud, misconduct, negligence, cybercrime, and many other potential forms of harm.

Perhaps you have suspicions that an employee’s long term sick pay claims are fraudulent, have noticed company stock or property going missing, cannot contact a customer who has failed to repay credit, are concerned about misuse or a breach of company information or need to address any other risk posed to your business.

Detecting wrongdoing being perpetrated towards your business can be challenging but achieving sufficient evidence to take action against this, with UK legislation supporting the rights of employees and consumers, can sometimes seem impossible.

I-Spy conduct robust and meticulous corporate investigation using techniques such as covert surveillance, undercover work, data analysis, person tracing, and asset tracing to name but a few to uncover any fraud, misconduct, or other harm being perpetrated towards your business, and accurately identify the source.

At the conclusion of our investigation, our professional investigators will provide you with a full and detailed report of our findings, accompanied by documented photographic evidence putting you firmly back in control and in the position to restore safety and wellbeing to your business.

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