Precious Metals Can Make Wonderful Alternative Gifts

If you are looking for an extra special gift, precious metals like gold or silver could be the perfect answer. They make really beautiful presents, especially for something like a christening, wedding or special anniversary.

As you can see here, precious metals are available in many forms. Commemorative coins and ingots are really beautiful gifts.

Precious Metals Can Make Wonderful Alternative Gifts

Silver coins for a bride

In many countries, brides slip a silver coin inside their shoe or a small purse, on their wedding day. If you know the bride well, buying her one is a great idea. It is a really special and thoughtful gift and is one that she is bound to cherish and will want to keep for the rest of her life. Some brides even pass the silver coin they use for their wedding, on to their daughter or future daughter-in-law. This is another reason a silver sixpence or dollar makes a wonderful present.

A gold or silver ingot as a christening gift

Christenings or naming ceremonies are extremely special occasions. It is a time when the child is welcomed into the world. Naturally, a lot of people like to buy something special. They want the child to have a good start in life, which is why gifts made from precious metals are ideal. As well as being beautiful to look at, they have the potential to increase in value.

When you give a child a small gold or silver ingot they have the option to sell it when they are older. They could potentially use it to pay some of their university fees or, perhaps, put the funds towards a deposit on a home. The list of possibilities is a long one.

Silver and golden anniversary presents

For a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary silver coins or ingots make really appropriate gifts. They can be framed and displayed or put away for a rainy day. You can do something similar for a golden wedding anniversary. Many dealers now sell quite small commemorative gold coins. This means that this type of gift is surprisingly affordable and within the budget of many families. The nice thing about these coins is that they are ideal for passing on to the grandchildren, so they can afford things like college fees or driving lessons.

Special jewelry gifts

It is also possible to have silver or gold coins turned into signet rings and other pieces of jewelry. This turns them into a gift that could potentially be given to anyone, for a special occasion.

For example, you could give a coin signet ring to someone for their sixteenth, eighteenth or twenty-first birthdays. Silver or gold coins also make very nice pendants. As do small ingots of any kind of precious metal.

If you are interested in doing this you will need to find a good jeweler and ask them for a quote. That way, you will know in advance exactly how much your special gift will cost. You need to be sure to allow enough time to order and receive the gold coin or ingot and pass it on to the jeweler to mount it for you. If you are short on time, you could buy a kit and mount the coin yourself. You can learn how to do it by clicking this link.

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