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As various forms of technology are being introduced to the classrooms, it has become obvious to me that being proficient in using them is essential for my daughter. My husband set up a family computer for my daughter two years ago so that she could become familiar with the interface and play educational games. I’ve spent a good amount of time browsing the internet for websites that provide free educational games and was only able to find a few that interested her. Then once I would find a website that I believed would be a good fit, my daughter would complain about being bombarded with ads. Does a free educational website that doesn’t flood the screen with ads truly exist? I just recently discovered one and I am so excited to share it with you!

About PowerMyLearning

(direct from their about us section)

PowerMyLearning is a free, web-based K-12 learning platform designed for students, educators, and parents. With PowerMyLearning, you can easily find and use thousands of the best free digital learning activities from across the web to propel student achievement in all major subjects including math, English Language Arts, science, social studies, and more.

CFY has unique expertise in selecting the most effective digital learning activities available on the web and making them easily accessible and usable in one trusted place. This expertise comes from more than a decade of experience working directly with more than 50,000 students, along with their teachers and parents, in more than 100 schools across the country.

A free account grants access to a world of smart and engaging resources…

• Thousands of thoroughly vetted academic games, interactive simulations, and videos

• Easy-to-find activities tagged by subject, grade, and Common Core Standards

• “Playlist” feature to sequence activities and individualize learning by student or class

• Lesson plans to incorporate activities into instruction

• Detailed reports for teachers, parents, and students

• Badges and Playpoints to reward student usage

• Flexible platform that can be used in school, after-school, at home, or anywhere in between

With PowerMyLearning, students and parents can discover fun and stimulating activities to reinforce classroom learning and spark new areas of interest. Teachers can take advantage of the free instructional resources and use this tool to help meet the specific learning needs of their students.

My Review

I must tell you that the website is designed perfectly for children in mind and my seven year old daughter needed minimal assistance when using it. My daughter did exceptionally well with math while in first grade this past year, so I decided to focus on the math lessons to help freshen up her skills.  Once you access the relevant grade and topic for your child, there are dozens of lessons to choose from. Your child can then choose a lesson of their interest. The narrator speaks very clearly when guiding your child through each step and the visuals are also useful. These lessons are absolutely great and I am so thrilled to have found such a valuable resource in which my daughter can use to help prepare for returning to school in the fall. I can not express enough how easy this website is to navigate, as well as the speed and simplicity. There are absolutely no advertisements and popups so slow the website down, which is a common problem on many free educational websites. I am looking forward to continuing using PowerMyLearning not only for summer, but throughout the school year!

What are you waiting for? Visit PowerMyLearning and create your free account today!


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