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Peppercorn Kids: Unique Children Accessories

A special thanks to Peppercorn Kids  for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

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About Peppercorn Kids

Based in Los Angeles, California, we offer unique children clothing accessories and gifts available for purchase directly through this website, our affiliated online partners and high-end boutiques in the USA and worldwide. Peppercorn Kids would be unimaginable without the children we love, the people who support us and our loyal customers. We are constantly seeking to be better, make a difference and contribute back to our community.”

My Review

My eight year old daughter is completely infatuated with both animals (particularly owls) and accessories. She just adores bracelets, purses, bags and anything that will attach to her school backpack, which just so happens to be the latest trend amongst the elementary school aged children. I recently discovered a fantastic website called Peppercorn Kids which sells the most adorable, unique and quality accessories for kids. They have bracelets, scarves, hair accessories, bags plus so much more, you are sure to find something your young child will love. These items aren’t your typical cheap accessories that eventually fall apart or  the zipper breaks… these are some very nice and well made products that are going to last!

The first item that stood out to me, of course, was the super adorable owl lanyard and I just knew it would be perfect for my daughter! This reminded me of my childhood, when my mom use to take me to the local craft fairs and some of the vendors sold these beautiful handmade accessories. This owl lanyard represented that same style and quality and It was such a sentimental item to give to my daughter. The owl lanyard will also be ideal for school this fall, as she likes to bring extra money with her to purchase snacks and such at lunch time. Because this is such great quality, I am confident it is going to be something that she we be able to use well throughout the school year!

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As mentioned earlier in my review, my daughter is a big animal lover and avid collector of all things creature related. As she quickly ages into the tween years, her interest in purses and bags has defiantly increased and her face always lights up when we pass a bag isle in a store. With her new found interest in purses and continued love of animals, there was no question about it that the elephant purse was the best fit for her. The thin and comfortable cotton rope makes it easy for my daughter to bring along with her no matter where she goes. The zipper top ensures that she won’t lose anything she decides to keep in it that day and the inside offers plenty of room. The style and quality is once again superb and truly something that will last years with a busy young girl and her adventures. Overall I was extremely impressed with both products and so was my daughter! The unique styles of the Peppercorn Kid’s products is what I really love about the website and the great quality is a spectacular bonus!

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11 thoughts on “Peppercorn Kids: Unique Children Accessories

  1. If my daughter was home at this moment, I can only imagine the *squeal*’s over the elephant purse right now. lol What a wonderful design. She has a purse shaped like a dog already and she loves it! the owl is adorable too, love the bright girly colors.

  2. Oh my goodness they have the cutest stuff. I love the moccasin indoor booties in mauve pink. They even have infant sizes

  3. These are really cute and look like they are made with high quality materials. I checked out their site and love their shoes and headbands too!

  4. Your daughter is my kind of girl. (A girly girl – lol) These bags are absolutely adorable. I’m glad she is enjoying her creature related hand bags. So cute. Thank-you for the information & review!

  5. These items are so adorable, like everything else I’ve looked at on the Peppercorn Kids website! My young niece would go absolutely wild over the Elephant Purse and the Owl Lanyard!

  6. I enjoyed Your Review very Much! Its nice to know that the Peppercorn Kids Products are Made of good quality and will last. I love the Owl Lanyard and the Elephant Purse. They are simply Adorable. I Know my Grand Daughter would also Love them. She loves little Girly accessories just like her Grandma! Lol! Thankyou for the Excellent Review..

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