Paying It Forward: Backpack & School Supplies (Nominate a child in need)

backpake campaign

I am extremely honored to be apart of a pay it forward campaign that has provided me with the funds to provide a child with a backpack and school supplies this year! There is much excitement and anticipation as we inch closer to a brand new school year. Unfortunately not everyone has the means to provide their child with school supplies. Whatever the circumstance may be, it is up to the community to lend a hand to our neighbor when it is needed, for that is an example of true community.

I am asking my community of Scarborough Maine for assistance in helping me find a child that you believe could use some help with their school supplies this year.

Please submit your nominations to MsFrugalMommy@hotmail.com

Rules for submitting a child to be nominated:

  • Please make sure to nominate a child in the Scarborough, Maine school district
  • You are welcome to nominate your own child, a friend, or family member
  • Please indicate the child’s age and gender to help determine the appropriate backpack and school supplies needed
  • Miss Frugal Mommy will contact the person that submitted the nomination on August 15th, so please make sure to keep an eye open for an email.

Your privacy is number one and please be aware that discretion will be taken during this pay it forward campaign. The information you share with me will be for my eyes only and not to be shared with anyone else.

Thank you immensely for assisting me in my pay it forward campaign!


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