Blogger Opp: Amazon.com Gift Card Giveaway

amazon giveaway

Miss Frugal Mommy reached 10,000 facebook fans!

Why not help celebrate this milestone with a very popular Amazon gift card giveaway!


-1 $50 Amazon gift card

-1 $25 Amazon gift card

Giveaway is scheduled to go live November 18th and will last three weeks!

The HTML for this giveaway will be sent out a few days prior to November 18th, please make sure to have MsFrugalMommy@hotmail.com on your safe list.

Everything you need to know about the giveaway:

  • Please have at least 3,000 Facebook fans
  • Only sign up if you are committed to promoting the giveaway at a minimum of 3X a week
  • Free twitter link with sign up
  • Additional links are just $2 each and can include Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube
  • Email subscription and voting links are $3 each
  • Want to be a cohost? The cost is only $5!

You will receive a Facebook link on the main rafflecopter and a backlink to your website

  • All of the money goes towards the giveaway, if enough people sign up and it goes over $50, I will increase the prize value!

 Questions? Please feel free to email me at MsFrugalMommy @ hotmail.com















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