Outfit Ideas To Fall Back On When You Have Nothing To Wear

When a girl says “I have literally nothing to wear” she is talking about a closet full of perfectly good clothes. Every morning is a struggle to find a gorgeous outfit that will turn many heads on your way to the office, but instead, you end up changing 10 outfits and then inevitably putting back the same old style you wear every day which, by the way, you still hate.

If you keep shopping and shopping and still end with no clothes to wear, it can be due to a lack of styling. Sometimes you have all the trendy clothing pieces likeripped skinny jeans in your wardrobe but not being able to style them appropriately can leave you looking basic. Don’t worry, We have come up with outfit ideas to fall back on when you have nothing to wear.

Biker shorts and oversized blazer

Let’s begin with an outfit idea straight from Kim Kardashian’s closet. For this, you need an oversized blazer and biker shorts. It is a combination of trendy and classic in one outfit to give you a modernized look. Want more ideas? Keep reading.

Graphic tee and skinny jeans

If you are a keen fashion observer and come up with outfits that are street style-inspired, you will know that we are talking about a big trend here. Graphic tees were all over street-style fashion. our favorite influencers and models made sure that we do not miss out on this trend. So, chances are that you might have brought some cool graphic tees as well. Now, pair it with a clothing piece that is found in every girl’s wardrobe — best ripped jeans. A T-shirt and skinny jeans combination has been in existence forever. If you have a good pair of skinny jeans, you can pair them with literally any upper wear in your wardrobe.

Tank top and Linen shorts

There was a time when a tank top and shorts combination was a favorite staple outfit idea for every college-going girl. It was so easy to put together this outfit, all it took was 5 mins. It made every girl look sexy while the wearer could enjoy her comfort. Well, thankfully, nothing has changed much in terms of this classic combination because a tank top and shorts combination is still ideal for any teenage diva. Although the choice of shorts may have changed because girls now find comfort in linen shorts. Linen is a comfortable fabric to wear in the summer season. So, if you have nothing to wear, grab a white tank top and beige-colored shorts.

Coordinate sets

Coordinate sets are one of the easiest ways to get dressed. Don’t forget to accessories it with a trendy bag and sneakers.

These are a few outfit ideas to fall back on when you have nothing to wear. So, next time, when you are just about to have a mini break down in the morning while getting ready, have a look at this list.

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