New Heroes of the City Baby App, Plus a Giveaway!



I don’t know about you but I always have a very difficult time finding educational apps for my kids that are not only free, but don’t bombard them with advertisements. We have had to delete so many great apps because my son would be in the middle of the game, only to be confused seconds later when he has accidentally clicked an add and his game has closed. I am so delighted to share with you today a really great app for young children that won’t leave them confused and frustrated by the constant pop ups! Introduce your little one to a colorful world of shapes, colors and more and watch their young minds grow.


“The app is completely free, with no advertising and has no in-app purchases. Everything in the app is designed for the youngest children.  The app is easy to use, entertaining, educational and will inspire our children to be creative. This app takes the smallest children seriously and we have specially designed everything in the app to suit children between 0-2 + years.”


The App Includes:


• 3 animated short movies (Language: English and Swedish )
• Music Panel with two different themes
• Color and shape game
• Magic coloring game
• Balloon Game




 Grab this FREE App today!


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Google Play


You can also view some great videos when visiting their YouTube channel!



Giveaway Time!!!

 hoth giveaway


3 thoughts on “New Heroes of the City Baby App, Plus a Giveaway!

  1. I like the educational factor of this cartoon. I actually found the video that I watched on YouTube very entertaining and fun.

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