Never Miss The Opportunity To Send A Gift With This Yearly Guide

Unless you are super organized, important dates in the diary like birthdays and anniversaries can easily be forgotten. Of course, we don’t mean to do this. None of us do. But life can get overwhelming, and it can just be forgotten. Having all your dates in a diary is a great way to keep on top of things. You will be able to see ahead if you have anything coming up and decide whether you need to send a card or buy a gift. But what do you class as an important date? Even when you try and be organized some of those can slip your mind. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a guide to help you get on top of things. There are a few helpful gift ideas along the way to keep you on track.

Never Miss The Opportunity To Send A Gift With This Yearly Guide



I think out of all the dates a birthday can be one of the easiest and hardest dates to remember. If it’s someone who is close to you on a  daily basis, like your child or your parents, then it’s easier to remember. But friends and distant relatives are a little harder. This is when it’s worth collaborating with an organized family member or friend. Take a look at the birthdays they have down and make a note of the ones you need to remember.

A great tip would be to make a note on your calendar a month before if you need to buy any gifts or post a card. This will give you plenty of time to do instead of being last minute. You go from zero to super organized overnight. Depending on who it is a birthday is a great chance to buy a personalized gift. You could have something engraved or consider something more personal like a piece of jewelry. Kids however should be much easier and hopefully they may give you an insight just by watching commercials on the TV.

Never Miss The Opportunity To Send A Gift With This Yearly Guide



Anniversary dates are a little trickier. A lot of people celebrate anniversaries for all kinds of things. This might be a relationship anniversary or wedding. Not just for you but parents and close friends and family. Anniversaries could be the date you met your best friend or your partner. It might be a sad anniversary when you lost a family member or friend. However, most people celebrate the positive anniversaries with cards and gifts when appropriate. Things like wedding anniversaries are probably the most popular one you would put down in your diary. I think you would only buy gifts for your partner. There are plenty of anniversary gift ideas for him and her online. There will be lots to inspire you. Again if you find yourself in the position of needing to buy a card or gift make a note of it the month before.

Never Miss The Opportunity To Send A Gift With This Yearly Guide


Fathers and Mothers day

The date of this change every year. So it’s worth finding out when they will appear when you set out your new diary or calendar for the year ahead. Celebrating Father’s and Mother’s day is a great way to feel appreciated if you have your children. But to also show your parents how much you care. It doesn’t need any expensive gifts, sometimes even your time on these days is enough. Just don’t forget them.

If you have children, you may want to make a note of this a few weeks before as well so you can organize some craft activities for grandparents or parents. Homemade gifts are perfect for occasions like this.


Some people celebrate Easter with a gift and card; others gift Easter eggs. However you do it, you should make a note of the dates in your diary. Again these change each year so make sure you find out when you are planning your year ahead. Although many planners may have this information already in there. Easter is a great time to get the family together and enjoy a nice meal. So organize ahead and let everyone know what your plans are.

Never Miss The Opportunity To Send A Gift With This Yearly Guide



Along with birthdays, I think Christmas is one of the most recognizable dates in the year. The perfect time to spend with loved ones and give gifts and cards. Christmas happens once a year, and while it is one of the most recognizable dates in your diary, it’s also good to plan ahead. Some people start getting their gifts organized months in advance to avoid the Christmas rush. Most children send a wish list off to Father Christmas which is a great indicator of what they may like. Other items could be something food related as at this time of year those food gifts go down a treat.

There is also things like Thanksgiving to remember and Independence day. As well as New year. All of which offer perfect times to get together with your loved ones and celebrate over a good meal and a few drinks. Family time is so important that it’s worth the extra planning. Again making notes of the important date a month in advance offers you plenty of time to make decisions on how you wish to celebrate.

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