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Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to FAMOSA for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!


Established in 1957 by a group of artisan doll makers, Famosa has become a leading European toy company and doll manufacturer based in Spain. The company has a stellar reputation as a developer of innovative, safe and high quality products that foster all around development for young children. Families who grew up in Spain or Mexico likely have fond and warm memories of playing with their Famosa toys. Famosa currently operates in over 95 countries, reaching a wide range of consumers. In 2010, Famosa was acquired by Sun Capital Partners and its U.S. operations were established in October 2011, based in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The company markets brands including Pinypon, Nenuco, Nancy and Feber.

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Product Description

Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle ($29.99)

“She is ready for bed!  Comes with a cradle that can attach to your bed.  Have a night of sweet dreams with your baby by your side.  Includes light and sound.  Includes bottle, blanket and pacifier.  16.5” Doll.

You are the best Mommy looking after your baby; feeding, bathing, dressing, putting her to sleep, taking her for a walk…providing lots of tender loving care!  Nenuco provides aspirational role play for children of all ages to interact with their dolls in fun & creative ways.  Nenuco dolls are so much more than just a toy.  With Nenuco, children are practicing social skills, imagining what it’s like to care for others and learning it from the best role model…you.”



My Review

I am not shy at all when it comes to my pride about attachment parenting and I am beyond delighted to have had the opportunity to cosleep with both of my children when they were babies. I am a firm believer that keeping baby close to you during those first few months is an important part of bonding and allowing your baby to feel safe in secure. I could not believe that there is a toy out there that encourages something that I am so passionate about! My daughter has always been infatuated with dolls and is a very sweet and gentle person (I like to think I had something do do with that, hehe!) The Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle is the perfect way for her to use that wonderful imagination and take care of her dolls at bedtime. The cradle fits securely under the mattress and allows your child to duck their doll in right next to them. With a place to hold the bottle and buttons to play music for the baby doll, the possibilities are endless! This is a very well made product, not at all flimsy or weak and will definitely last for many more years. I could go on and on about how amazing I think this toy is and I wouldn’t be able to find a single negative. Overall we were very satisfied with this product and know that the little mommy in your life would be equally as happy with this!

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35 thoughts on “Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. This is just so cute and I love how they can put it right beside them in bed and care for their baby. SO cute

  2. Love that it can attach to the bed. That is so cute. This one is my favorite. My daughter is always putting her babies and her blankie to bed for naps so I think she would just love this!

  3. This is such a cute product and looks like kids have a lot of fun with it. Thank you for taking the time to review it.

  4. I think this doll is adorable. I also had my 3 children with me when they were babies. I think my youngest would love something like this.

  5. I also had both my boys sleeping with me when they were babies. It was a great bonding experience even though I occasionally felt like I was in a wrestling ring or woke up with one throwing up in my hair and one throwing up on my tummy. It was hearing them breathing that touched my heart. All of the little noises they made when they slept were so precious to me. My STB stepdaughters came into my life almost five years ago and I think this would be a great gift for them to have. It promotes independent thinking and comfort. I had a lot of dolls growing up but one was my “baby” and I took care of it like one. I think toys like this show children how to care for something else. Thanks for the review!

  6. i think the cradle is cute and i like that it comes with light and sound so they can interact with the baby more. i think my daughter would also have fun if the baby had a stroller to push it around when it is awake.

  7. This would be a great thing for my niece to practice with until her baby brother comes in June…LOL

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  8. This baby doll is a cutie that my granddaughter would adore. I like the way the cradle can be secured to the bed, so that your baby’s little baby can always be nearby. What a good idea!

  9. This is a cute idea. I don’t know if I would have “got it” that this was a doll to promote having baby sleep with you. But once your review pointed this out, “the lights went on,” and I completely understood. I agree with this idea, too.
    Also, thanks for saying how well this is made, with an unknown brand you never know.

  10. This is great for little girls who loves to play house with their dollies. I love that it has a cradle for more realistic fun!

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