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Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slipper Review

A special thanks to Nature’s Sleep for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

 About These Fabulous Slippers:

“Closed Toe Memory Foam Slippers – Plush comfort and luxury with every step. Indoors or out, these closed-toe slippers offer the perfect balance of softness and support in thanks to the visco-elastic memory foam inner sole, which cradles and contours to your feet while absorbing pressure and impact.”


  • High quality Genuine Nature’s Sleep Next Generation Memory Foam
  • Provides pressure relieving comfort all day long
  • Naturally conforms to your foot in cool comfort
  • Distributes weight to reduce pressure points and improve circulation
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor use on multiple surfaces

 My Review

My very sore feet recently had the pleasure of reviewing the most comfortable slippers they have yet to discover! I am nearing five months pregnant, with two active and busy kids to tote, and my body is starting to get run down. I work full time from home, so my attire usually consists of some cozy pajama pants and a shirt that wont make me cry when my youngest decides to use it as a napkin. A pair of comfortable slippers is the final accessory to my “fancy” attire and something that I just can’t live without. However, I have purchased so many slippers throughout the years, none of which I have ever loved and they always ended up in the trash. My slippers always end up quickly getting worn out out in a matter of months and looking as if I had run miles in them. So where does one turn to purchase a quality and comfortable pair of slippers? Well let me tell you!

I have read so many great reviews (and positive feedback) in regards to Nature’s Sleep Foam Slipper and I was over the moon excited when a pair arrived at my door for review. My first impressions were that I could tell, without even touching them or putting them on my feet, that they were going to be extremely soft. Boy was I right! Upon  placing them on my feet and walking around the room, my feet immediately sank into them and I felt a relief of pressure. I have continued to wear these for the entire week and my feet are so happy about that! I love that the bottom surface allows me to wear them not only in the house, but out the front door and to my mailbox. In addition to being comfortable and multifunctional, they also stay on my feet well. The back of the slipper is raised just enough so they stay securely on my feet, while not being too snug and causing discomfort. If I could think of a single word to describe these slippers, I would have to go with “perfect!” Overall  I am very impressed with the Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers and greatly look forward to keeping my feet happy for the last four months of my pregnancy!

Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slipper Review



Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slipper Review



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34 thoughts on “Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slipper Review

  1. I go through slippers quickly too. I put them on as soon as I wake up in the morning & don’t take them off until I go to bed. I really like the soles on these. It’s nice that you don’t have to take off your slippers & put on a pair of shoes to go outside for something.

  2. What nice slippers! I adore the fact that they’re made with memory foam that cradle and comfort your feet with every step! I’d also like to try the 3″ 4lb memory foam mattress topper! They both sound heavenly!

  3. I have seen a lot of memory foam slippers out there but this is the first good review I’v read so i think i just might have top check these out-thanks

  4. I definitely need a pair of these Natures Sleep Memory Foam Slippers, as I have really bad feet the older I get! They sound so comfortable and look so soft, I cant wait to get a pair!

  5. I use memory a foam pillow at night and so I know it would be comfortable to walk on it also. Very nice idea~

  6. These slippers make my feet squeal with joy just thinking about them. I have a memory foam topper on my bed that makes my back and joints feel so much better so I can imagine how my feet will feel when I slip on these awesome slippers

  7. Wow! Those slippers sure look fabulous and cozy, but more importantly, soft and warm! I’m actually in the market for some new slippers so I’ll have to go check these out ASAP. 🙂

  8. These look wonderfully soft and cozy. And I like that they have rubber souls so I can keep them on when letting the dog out.

  9. I walk with a cane and due to other health issues have to be careful to avoid falls. Most house slippers are problematic for me. Memory Foam are the best by far. I literally wear them until they fall apart!

  10. I love Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers. The first time I ever put on a pair of these slippers it felt like I had pillows strapped to my feet. And when I went from the memory foam slippers back to my previous non-memory foam slippers it was like walking on cement. I advise everyone to get a pair of Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam slippers, your feet will thank you

  11. great review, i can not wait to try some. I love my slippers and i believe these could help my back and hips.

  12. These look so cute and comfy..I love wearing slippers and these look like they would keep your feet nice and toasty 🙂

  13. I can’t wait to try a few of these!!! I have a nine-month old and she’s getting to the age where she really needs to have shoes on her feet instead of socks but you know how babies’ toes and shoes don’t get along.

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