Natural Toddler Cough Remedies

As a parent or caregiver, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with the unpleasant sound of your little one coughing. Although it may seem like an annoyance, coughing is actually a natural way for children’s bodies to clear their airways and lungs. Coughing is typically caused by inflammation in the throat or upper respiratory system that causes irritation and congestion. Fighting off germs helps your babies and children get more rest while feeling comfortable will allow for a quicker recovery time. This blog post has covered some remedies regarding cough and cold relief for babies.              

Colds are common viruses that can last up to two weeks. The best solution is usually offering comfort measures at home, but if you have other symptoms like chest pain or difficulty breathing, then it’s time for a doctor visit. Cough treatment should focus on keeping your child hydrated, relaxed, and sleeping well. Following natural remedies regarding cough and cold relief for babies will surely help you a lot in dealing with these issues.

Offer Honey:

Honey is a great remedy for those who have sore throats because it soothes and can fight infection. However, be aware that honey isn’t safe with young children as there are potential botulism risks involved due to its natural sweetness. You need to consider an appropriate age range where you should give them teaspoons fulls of the spreadable gooey goodness without worrying too much about their sugar intake.

Offer Chicken Noodle Soup:

Chicken soup is more than just an old folk remedy that’s been around for centuries. Research shows its warm temperature also acts as a vaporizer, helping to loosen mucus in the nose and clear up congestion due to colds or flu infection. It is a great remedy regarding cough and cold relief for babies.

Hot Or Cold Drinks:

Colds are one of the most common infectious diseases in children. To help your toddler feel better, try giving them warm or very cold liquids to thin out their mucus so that it’s easier for him/her to cough up what ails you! Plus, liquids such as tea mixed with honey will soothe sore throats and keep little ones hydrated at all times, too- making this Mother Nature’s perfect medicine cabinet mini kit if ever there was one.

Salt Water Gargle:

One of the simplest cures for a cough comes from combining salt and water. Simply mix a one-half teaspoon with 8 ounces, have your child gargle it, then breathe air into their mouth as if they were smoking marijuana until you see them spit out all those extra germs.

Mist Humidifier:

A cool-mist humidifier is a prominent option for helping to loosen chest and nasal congestion. If your toddler has been coughing at night, try using one of these devices as it may soothe them while they sleep! To keep bacteria from growing in the unit, you’ll need daily cleaning with warm water following the manufacturer’s instructions; alternatively, take an hour-long steam shower or sit inside on hot/humid days.

Rubbing Chest:

Vicks BabyRub is a safe and effective way to clear up congestion for your toddler. The product contains aloe, eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary, which might help them enjoy better sleep.

This blog post has covered all the prominent remedies regarding cough and cold relief for babies. These remedies will be much helpful for the parents to deal with such health issues of their babies. For more related blog posts, please keep visiting our website.

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