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Nano-iT: The Future of Cleaning #Sponsored

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nanolia Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nanolia Worldwide is a nanotechnology based company specializing in next generation industrial, commercial and consumer surface coatings and cleaners. Our “superhydrophobic” products help to reduce the usage of harmful chemicals to clean and protect surfaces. Most treated surfaces can be cleaned by simply using water or our ph neutral cleaners, drastically reducing the carbon footprint.”

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Here are just three of the great products they have to offer:

Nano-iT WoodPlus

Restore your floors the inexpensive way with the Nano-iT Woodplus! This newly developed product will leave your wood floors looking glossy and new. The added benefit of protecting the surface is sure to convince you this product is an all in one package deal! This product offers a long – term protection of the surface against water, stains and UV light exposure.


• Restores the original appearance and luster of wood

• Oil free hydrophobic formulation of waxes and photo oxidation inhibitors for protection against the adverse effects of UV light

• Provides a shiny gloss surface protection

• Long lasting, easy to use, works on many types of wood surfaces

Nano-iT Stainless Cleaner

Help keep those little hands from dirtying up your kitchen with the Nano-iT stainless! This product helps remove the daily mess left on your appliances in the kitchen and repells future messes. Say goodbye to finger prints, dirt, grease and grime and hello to s beautiful and shiny kitchen.

• Use on copper, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, kitchen appliances, outdoor grills, automotive trim or bathroom fixtures

• Oil-based liquid formula

• Provides a micro-thin protective layer that resists fingerprints and smudges to make future cleaning easy

• Leaves microscopic coating which absorbs into the surface

• Nanotechnology encapsulates dirt and lifts it away like a magnet

• Makes your stainless steel shine like new

Nano-iT CounterTop

 Laboratory proven, new generation, environmentally friendly kitchen countertop cleaner without the need for abrasive cloths.  It provides a unique method of removing the most stubborn dirt, grease and stains such as coffee, wine, oil and even chewing gum..

  • Bio-degradable and environment friendly
  • Cleans deeper than conventional cleaners
  • Removes heavy grease without scrubbing
  • Will not scratch any surface and is safe on all coated surfaces
  • Does not harm any water tolerant surface or protective coating

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3 thoughts on “Nano-iT: The Future of Cleaning #Sponsored

  1. Wow, I’m beginning to think that nanotechnology is ‘THE’ future of all technologies. I seriously love the idea of nanotechnology making people’s lives easier.

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