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My StrongMoms Empower Blog Post

As some of you may have noticed, I have I recently taken the StrongMoms Empowerment Pledge.


Here is some more information on this amazing campaign:



Strong Moms Empower Campaign Details

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We know it’s not easy being a mom in today’s world.

Moms face tremendous pressure to make “perfect” parenting decisions, only to find themselves judged or criticized by others – including other moms. From choosing to go back to work or what to feed your baby, to the best ways to educate and discipline, everyone has an opinion.

It’s time for moms to feel good about the decisions they make for their children and their families. The StrongMoms Empower campaign, brought to you by Similac, is a call-to-action to create a more supportive and less judgmental environment, online and off.


Take a stand and let us support one another, not judge!


Take the pledge today to be a StrongMom



I was inspired to write my StrongMoms Empower post in regards to a quote I read on The Scary Mommy Manifesto. It reads:

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This quote is beautiful in so many ways, it has really given me a whole new perspective! We live in a society where there is an immense amount of pressure to be that cookie cutter mom raising her perfectly primped children. Mother’s are made to feel like every parenting decision they make is never the right one, and we are often harshly criticized by those closest to us. Isn’t it bad enough that our society is constantly jamming down our throats this unrealistic image of how a mom should be, let alone having to deal with other mother’s glaring down at you. I admit that I have done my fare share of judging other mother’s parenting decisions, but this quote has really put me in my place. Who am I to say that your parenting style is the incorrect one? Do I walk in your shoes… do I know your daily parenting struggles… do I know better than you what is best for your child? No, no and NO! Just like no one individual is alike, no one child is expected to benefit from the same exact approach you take for parenting your child. We all live different lives and make different sacrifices, we do what we can to make the right choices as parents, but what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. With all that being said, who the hell am I to place judgement on you for not breastfeeding… or not co sleeping? I am by far a perfect parent and I am learning every single day how to be a better one. Just think how much of a better parent I could be if I was more opt to hearing other forms of parenting, rather than pass them off as bad decisions. Just take a moment and think of the last time you judged another mom? Was her style parenting actually causing harm to her child? If you answered no then why exactly does it matter if you disagreed with it? It doesn’t! She is an amazing mom and she was simply doing what was the best approach for the time being. Let’s high five her for that, not roll our eyes!

 Fellow moms, we need to learn to support one another and help each other get through these times because being a mom is by far the hardest task I’ve yet to have. There is nothing more important in my life than helping my children to grow up into wonderful individuals, and I assume the same about you. And trust me when I say this, there is no harsher critic than myself when it comes to parenting my children, I do not need that added stress of knowing I am being scrutinized for my parenting in which you do not agree with. There is no manual… there is no correct way… there is just trial and error. So please, next time you find yourself judging another mom, instead, try letting her know what a great job she is doing, you never know how much she may have needed to hear that.


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Disclosure: I am participating in a blog campaign with One2One Network. I have not received any form of compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

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