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My Giggle Box Review

A special thanks to My Giggle Box for sending us a free box for reviewing purposes!

About My Giggle Box

What is a Giggle Box?

“An interactive box packed full of adventures for your child to dive in to! Loaded with numerous crafts and activities that will have your child giggling all month long! All the materials needed for your child to create their projects! No more errands to the store trying to come up with ideas for entertainment (not to mention the gas you will save). And better yet, since we supply the materials, you are not left with all of the scraps/leftovers from the store that you spent money on and now have no use for! My Giggle Box sends the perfect amount of materials so you will get full use of your purchase!”

 My Review

I just love doing crafts with my children, always have and always will! There is just something about watching those little imaginations of theirs soar and create beautiful macaroni masterpieces! Hands on learning and getting dirty is something I find is extremely important for them, so I’ve learned over time to just let them get dirty and have fun! When I first discovered My Giggle Box I knew immediately it was the perfect subscription box for my kids and couldn’t wait to see it for myself. I was honestly expecting just a few crafts, nothing as spectacular as what we had actually received! This was a huge box of crafts and literally filled every inch of the box. My jaw dropped when I opened it as I saw all of the neatly organized crafts and full sized products. In addition to all of the wonderful crafts, they also included a full sized bottle of glue, a pair of kid’s scissors, a book and a glow in the dark frisbee!

Now on to the fun stuff… crafts!

 My daughter was the perfect age for this key chain craft! She has so much fun organizing the colors into a pattern and creating a unique key chain. After she finished it, we attached it to her backpack where she has yet to take off… she really loves it!

Fighting… something my children do often, which is expected considering their age gap. However, the glow bug craft was something they were able to collaborate respectfully on together, no fighting whatsoever! As you can see below, the craft includes a detailed instruction page that also displays a picture of how the final craft should look. Once their project was complete, we turned out the lights and they enjoyed taking turns running around with their new glow bug friend! It’s moments like these that make it all worth it!

We then had fun creating this fun and silly hat that had us laughing all afternoon! Once again they did such a great job working as a team and decorating the hat however they pleased. We may not have followed the directions word for word, but they sure had a great time coming up with something all on their own. Our final craft consisted of making our very own piece of chalk. The children were amazed by this and couldn’t believe that after mixing a liquid with some sparkles, they would have a solid piece of chalk later. After only an hour, I was able to show them their piece of chalk and boy were they excited!

 We were all very pleased with this subscription box service and I can’t express it enough just how great of a service this truly is! My Giggle Box allows me to avoid spending hours on the internet searching for crafts. It helps me to avoid the hassle of gathering and going out to purchase supplies. I instead can spend the precious time with my kids and get right to the fun stuff.

My Giggle Box was kind enough to offer Miss Frugal Mommy’s fans a discount of $15 off of their first month of an Ultimate Subscription!

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