Moving With Kids

On your own, moving can be rather stressful. It’s an event that people might elevate to a level of having issues with your boss. However, moving with kids can be even worse. Here’s a quick look at some tips for moving with kids with a bit less stress.

Get to Know the New Neighborhood

As much as possible, do this before you move. Thanks to COVID-19, it might seem like this could be a bit more difficult these days, but not really. With the help of social media  – such as the Nextdoor racism-prevention efforts – you’re able to reach out to the new community and your new neighbors safely and comfortably yourself. Meeting people in a digital environment first can help pave the way for when you meet them in person. It can also make you more comfortable about your kids going out into the neighborhood if you have some knowledge of the people in it.

Make It Fun

As soon as you know you’re moving, talk to the kids about what it’s going to mean for them. Let them know specific details – such as whether you’re moving to a larger home or a smaller home. You should also let them know how the new bedroom looks, teach them the new address and visit the new school with them. See what sort of excitement you can build around moving and you’ll find that if the smaller details excite you, they will excite your child too.

Involve Them

Give your kids a couple of smaller jobs to do when you’re getting ready for your move. By allowing kids to help in the move, they’ll get the sense of being a part of the transition, as opposed to the transition being an event that happens to them. You might ask the kids to pack a few boxes and give each one a specific color to mark their boxes with for easy identification. If you’ll be buying new things for their new rooms, get their input on the themes and colors.

Tradition Matters

Kids rely on schedules and knowing what to expect each day can give them a sense of confidence. Also, in an environment that changes rapidly, traditions can give them a sense of security and stability. 

Think about keeping a minimum of one tradition the same both before and following the move. This may be something as simple as pizza night on Fridays or going to church on a weekly basis or visiting grandma each weekend. Whatever your tradition is, it can give the kids comfort that’s reliable.

Plan Moving Day

It doesn’t matter how good your planning is, moving day is always an event that’s packed with action and has a lot of coordination that needs to be done. If it just happens to coincide with a playdate that takes the kids out of the house, that’s just one less thing you need to worry with. Planning an activity for them that takes them out of the house can also keep them from getting caught up in the furniture, appliances, and boxes that you’re trying to get on a moving truck. This can ensure both their safety and that of any adults in the area.

Some kids might be nervous about moving, and that’s normal. That being said, when positioned right, it can also be an exciting adventure of the sort that they’re enthusiastic about being a part of. Yes, they’ll miss some of the people and things that get left behind, but they’ll be coming into contact with all sorts of new people and things. By prepping them with the tips you’ve just read, you’ll be paving the way for a transition to the new home that’s smooth.

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