Monday Small Business Feature: Abigail’s Attic


abigails attic

About Abigail’s Attic:

After my first child, Abigail, was born in March 2012 I tried to figure out ways to bring in income while being a stay at home mom. After many months, I still had no ideas that would work for my family.


I went onto Etsy to order a headband for Abigail to wear for Christmas. After I ordered it, I kicked myself. I have been crocheting most of my life. Why did I just pay someone else for something I could have made myself?


Abigail’s Attic became an idea in December 2012. I spent weeks gathering ideas, making prototypes, etc. January 15, 2013, Abigail’s Attic went from an idea to a business.



What I create:

I create accessories for babies, children, and women. Mostly baby headbands and scarves for women but other items as well. At the moment, all my items are crocheted but I will be expanding into some sewn items.  Most of my headbands and scarves come in many colors for you to choose from.



Click the item descriptions below to view some of my favorite items:


abigailsattic---frilly scarf

abigailsattic---heart baby headband

abigailsattic---baby flower headband

abigailsattic---braided womens headband

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Until May 12th, Miss Frugal Mommy readers can get free shipping on any order $5 or more by using code FRUGALMOMMYREADER. Only for domestic orders.



One thought on “Monday Small Business Feature: Abigail’s Attic

  1. Thanks for the feature. 🙂

    Readers, be sure to follow Abigail’s Attic on Facebook for all the latest new product releases! I have a few new items coming in the next few weeks that I am very excited about. 🙂

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