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Milkdot Lunch Tote Review

A special thanks to Milkdot for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a free product  in exchange for an honest review!

Milkdot Lunch Tote Review

About Milkdot

“At Milkdot, we believe that good design can be appreciated by anyone, big or small. With our studio in New York, our goal is to create and offer you contemporary products with an all-ages appeal. Products that are not only safe for kids, but also fit a kid’s need to be cool and unique with the functionality and style that parents love. Each one of our products is created with love for design, color, simplicity of clean lines, versatility and love for the world we live in. “

About the Raspberry Milkdot Tote From the Stöh Stripe Collection

“Stöh is a modern yet practical solution for a lunch bag that combines clean and simple design with features perfect for stowing your favorite food, drink and utensils. It also folds flat for easy storage after use – making it the perfect travel companion. Personalize your Stöh lunch tote by adding your name or favorite photo with Milkdot’s ID tag that can be tucked away in the back pocket for privacy or placed outside for easy recognition – eliminates the need to write on your bag with permanent ink.”

Milkdot Lunch Tote Review

My Review

I have packed my daughter’s school lunch for her over the past three years and have seen my share of lunch totes, all of which ended up in the trash. One issue that has occurred with several lunch totes is the zipper getting caught along the inside, essentially ripping and tearing away at the insulation. Then there were the totes that could barely carry enough for snack time, let alone lunch. But what about the lunch totes that are so big I feel as if I am packing lunch for two people? Oh yes, I have seen it all and there hasn’t been a single one that I have found works… that is until now! I recently had the pleasure of working with my daughter on reviewing a lunch tote, more specifically a Milkdot Tote From the Stöh Stripe Collection. I was immediately impressed with this lunch tote upon opening it and realizing how deep the storage space is. I can easily pack my daughter’s snack, lunch, drinks and ice pack without the worry of items getting crushed. The structure of this lunch tote is ideal for younger kids, especially ones like my daughter that take the bus. Backpacks get thrown around, squished and sat on but the Milkdot lunch tote provides enough support so that food isn’t getting destroyed on the way to school. Additionally, there is the perfect little pocket on the outside where she can put some extra cash in case she decides to purchase something at lunch. There is also a very convenient laminated tag where I can place my daughter’s name on the outside of the tote.

Milkdot Lunch Tote Review

As you can see from the image below, this is a very slim and sleek looking tote, while still providing ample amount of space for food and drinks. There is also a magnetic closure at the top that secures the tote shut and makes it easy to carry. My daughter just adores this lunch tote and it has worked out so well the past month. If you are a parent that packs their child’s school lunch and are seeking a tote that will last the entire year, then I highly recommend you take a look at this fantastic collection of lunch totes!

Milkdot Lunch Tote Review


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