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Meet Chance: Our Interactive Puppy From The Happy’s

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Meet Chance: Our Interactive Puppy From The Happy's #TheHappys

My daughter was a huge fan of Zhu Zhu pets when they first came out and acquired quite the little collection over time! She had so much fun with them and they are by far one of her favorite toys over the years. Just recently she began seeing commercials for this new product (made by the makers of Zhu Zhus) called The Happy’s and she immediately informed me that she MUST have one. I, of course, paid no attention to it because she’s a young girl and I am informed all the time of things she MUST have. The only difference this time was that she kept bringing it up over and over… and would go into detail about what The Happy’s can do and how much fun she would have with one. I was soon after presented with the opportunity to review one of these must have toys and could not wait to see what the hype was all about. I honestly had my doubts because we have owned several of these types of little pets that run or jump across the floor, only to have disappointed children after one day of using it. I set the bar pretty high for this review and was looking for the negative right away. However, The Happy’s proved me wrong in the laughter and excitement of my children and it’s amazing ability to actually work as it was suppose to!

Meet Chance: Our Interactive Puppy From The Happy's #TheHappys

Chance is this adorable little beagle that comes with a little bone in which he follows around when you hold it out in front of him. My son and daughter have to much fun running backwards throughout the house and watching Chance chase right after it. We have all wood floors, so this little guy moves all about and whenever he runs into a wall, it will simply back up and turn around.

Meet Chance: Our Interactive Puppy From The Happy's #TheHappys

There are a bunch of toys you can purchase for your pet and each one will teach them a new trick. We had the opportunity to see Chase use the tennis ball, which is quite the sight! The IR technology allows the pet and ball to find each other all on their own, all your child has to do is roll it across the floor and their Happy will go chasing after it. I was so amazed by how well this actually worked and how well the two could stay together once the pet found the ball. The pet pushes the ball all through the house and my kids always get a big kick out of watching that.

Meet Chance: Our Interactive Puppy From The Happy's #TheHappys

Meet Chance: Our Interactive Puppy From The Happy's #TheHappys What also really impressed me about The Happy was just how strong the wheels were on the bottom and how great it moves across the floor. This is a very powerful and fast for a little toy, much better at getting around than any comparable product. I was overall very impressed and quite frankly blown away, as I have yet to come up with anything negative about it. Chance makes my children happy every time they use it, always filling the room with smiles and laughter, and that right there means more to me than anything which is why I give this toy an A+

Meet Chance: Our Interactive Puppy From The Happy's #TheHappys

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