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Matilda Jane Clothing Review

A special thanks to Matilda Jane for providing us with a free product to review on the blog!

What is Matilda Jane Clothing?

Matilda Jane Clothing is a website filled with adorable, stylish and high quality women and girl’s clothes and accessories. Fellow mother and designer, Matilda Jane, offers a variety of colorful and heart warming outfits, sure to leave you standing out from the crowd!

What the Reviewers Thought

My seven year old daughter was in love with the Cactus Flower Shasta Dress from the moment she laid eyes on it! I was ecstatic to have received an outfit that so perfectly fit my daughter’s beautiful personalty. She is unique, colorful, outgoing, not afraid to stand out and that happy go lucky kid you always see with a smile on their face! She is undoubtedly my wild child and seeing her in this dress brought so many smiles to my face. This dress instantly became her favorite and if she could have it her way, it would never come off! The material is gorgeous and great quality, it fits perfectly on her so that even by the ocean where it’s windy, the dress does not blow up into the air. The unique and one of a kind design left people complementing her left and right and asking where they could get their hand on such great clothing! I love the Matilda Jane Clothing is unlike anything else and has a distinct sense of it’s own style.

More clothes that can be found on the Matilda Jane Website!


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45 thoughts on “Matilda Jane Clothing Review

  1. Their clothes are so darling! I love how bright and fun they are. I actually had no idea they sold women’s clothes too!

  2. I have only three pieces of Matilda Jane that I purchased during a fabulous 4th of July sale this year. I can’t believe the amazing quality and how beautiful everything is in person. Just love the brand. So unique and such style. Can’t wait to get some more. πŸ™‚

  3. I love Matilda Jane because it’s different from what you see in most stores. My daughter dresses my granddaughter almost exclusively in Matilda Jane!

  4. I like the look of the clothing on the website! It is all very colorful! I also like you have clothing for. Moms too!

  5. Theses dresses are really cute. I love the colors and designs. My granddaughter would really like them.

  6. I love their clothes for my girls! You’ll definitely never find someone wearing the same dress. I didn’t know they also sell women’s clothes, how exciting!

  7. I love how cute and stylish their clothes are and they look so pretty with all the great colored fabrics they use. The kids really stand out in them adorable !

  8. I am in love with the Matilda Jane clothing line. I am waiting on two pieces right now to round out my daughter’s fall wardrobe. Such amazing clothes, high quality fabric, buttons, lots of pleating and details, and such amazing prints and combinations. Love love love MJ!! πŸ™‚

  9. I actually never knew that Matilda Jane had women’s clothes. I went to the website and they have some really cute pants for me. I love how comfy these clothes are and how fun. Thanks for the review!

  10. Everything is so adorable. I live in a little mountain town in Colorado and everything on the site would fit in very well here! Its all very lovely and refreshing.

  11. i have fallen in love with this company! they have beautiful and unique styles and fabrics i haven’t seen anywhere else. love it!

  12. This is cute! Their stuff can be expensive, but it is good quality and pretty original. Another cool shopping tool for parents is text shopping… have you guys tried that yet? You sign up for just the gender and size of your child then they text you clothes to purchase… pretty fun and easy. You can check it out at Great blog and great review!

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