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Matilda Jane Clothing: Paint By Numbers Review

A special thanks to Matilda Jane for providing me with a a free outfit to review!

What is Matilda Jane Clothing?

Matilda Jane Clothing is a website filled with adorable, stylish and high quality women and girl’s clothes and accessories. Fellow mother and designer, Matilda Jane, offers a variety of colorful and heart warming outfits, sure to leave you standing out from the crowd!

 My Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a beautiful outfit from the Matilda Jane Clothing Paint By Numbers collection! You have seen me mention this a dozen times in my reviews, presentation is always a huge plus in my book! Matilda Jane Clothing delivers your clothes in a beautiful package, first wrapped in tissue paper and then neatly folded in a nylon bag. The added effort that goes into making sure your customer receives a presentable package says a lot about a company and I was very impressed with how Matilda Jane packaged their items. Upon removing the clothes from the nylon bags (which make excellent holders for on the go kid’s craft) I was amazed with the quality material the clothes were made with. The Grape Leaf Cardigan is absolutely gorgeous… calling it beautiful would be an understatement! This cardigan is perfect for fall and looks fantastic with any outfit. I especially loved wearing my Fragrant Lilac Tank with it, as it gives that beautiful purple color tone a little something extra. The Midnight Big Ruffles does a wonderful job in completing this outfit, making it the perfect casual wear. I can’t get over how comfortable these pants are and they have officially become my favorite ones to wear! I just love Matilda Jane Clothing, they never seem to disappoint and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to review an outfit!

More clothes that can be found on the Matilda Jane Website!


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41 thoughts on “Matilda Jane Clothing: Paint By Numbers Review

  1. We really love Matilda Jane clothing…my daughter looks so sweet in all the pieces we have gotten her. The clothes are exceptionally made and she likes how unique all the pieces are. I, too, was impressed with their packaging and presentation…you can tell they are proud of their work and appreciate your business!

  2. These clothes are so adorable. It’s nice that quality and presentation is still important to some companies.

  3. I absolutely love that outfit! And hearing you describe it makes me want it. It really is gorgeous, and it looks really comfortable. I can’t stand confining clothes and this totally looks comfy. Those pants are just darling too! Love it! Ok how much? Thank you for the very tempting review.

  4. They have some AWESOME clothing – it would be for my daughter and I am always looking for really unique cute stuff for her to wear – I am checking them out 🙂

  5. They make the most darling clothing, and I had no idea they made women’s clothes as well as little girls’ dresses and outfits!

  6. I really like the sassy ruffled flared pants and the bib front dresses, among others- so cute. The outfits for women also look very nice.

  7. We love Matilda Jane clothing and all their outfits are so cute. The colors they use are so pretty and they are so stylish too

  8. They are very cute and unique. I wonder how they launder though. My son’s used to buy Old Navy clothes but I found they didn’t hold up as well as clothing from other stores at the Mall like Abercrombie or Hollister so washability is important to me

  9. These clothes look like the kind of thing to save and pass on. So cute and look like super quality.

  10. These are some of the neatest, cutest outfits and clothes. I love for my kids especially, to wear things that are unique 😀

  11. Being a seamstress myself, I realize the importance of presentation. This company sounds like they put that extra effort into caring for their customers. I have never owned anything from Matilda Jane, but hope to have the opportunity some day!

  12. although i have no girls, I do have some neices that i could seriously dress up with these clohtes!! too cute

  13. I LOVE Matilda Jane clothing! My niece has a couple dresses from one of the collections, she can’t wear it for 10 minutes without getting tons of compliments. Fantastic and fun clothes!

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