Malignant Tumor: Common Causes and Risk Factors

Have you ever thought whether the awareness of a particular illness would have saved you from it? Could you have saved a loved one from falling into the pit of fatal disease if only you knew about it? Ponder upon it, and your response would be in the affirmative. The fact is that the opportunity to be aware of a terminal illness exists always; we need a conscious effort to have adequate knowledge.

A fatal or chronic illness takes a severe toll on the lives of oneself and others. It has undeniable aspects, one of which is the physical one. The deteriorating health of a person makes it difficult for them to function like before. Psychologically speaking, trauma seriously challenges a person’s mental well-being.

One of such illnesses is a malignant tumor. Unlike benign or pre-malignant tumors that may not be dangerous, malignant tumors, by all means, is a threat. It tends to grow in other body parts following its growth at the source or origin. So, is it inevitable, or can we have a defense against it?

As discussed, the ultimate way to not be defenseless against disease is to be aware. The most significant way one can avoid a tumor is to have good knowledge about it. An individual must be aware of what can lead them to it. Knowing about the risk factors is the key to avoiding any malignant tumor.

Let’s now look at some of the common causes and the risk factors of deadly cancerous growth.


The primary cause of a malignant tumor is the gene mutation taking place in the cell DNA.  Each DNA comprises genes that contain directives for the cell to follow. They instruct a cell about the growth or division too. However, any flaws in the directives can lead to the stoppage of the normal function, turning cancerous. That’s when the problem starts to happen.

Once the process of mutation begins, the cell may start to grow limitlessly. Moreover, every cell that comes into being is with the same mutation. There’s no signal to the cells as to when they must stop growing. So, this makes mutation the cause for the unlimited and cancerous growth of cells.

The question that emerges here is what causes the gene mutation itself? Well, it is either inherited or acquired, with many causes behind the latter one. Let’s look at some of those causes or risk factors.

Risk factors

The most significant risk factors come mainly from our lifestyle, posing a constant threat to our wellbeing.


It is a significant cause behind the cancerous growth of cells. A harmful substance damages DNA, beginning the development, and these substances may be present in a particular environment. Whether tobacco smoke, the substances existing in the air particles, or radiation, each can lead to the issue.


Infections can be the common cause of the disease. As we know, these continue to happen and heal too. Specific infectious agents may transfer quickly and trigger abnormal growth. An infection may also weaken the immune system, making it prone to cancer or other unsuspected illnesses.


Radiation is another known cause of terminal disease, and ionizing radiation is the culprit behind cancerous growth. These are present in the x-rays or any of the gamma rays. The high energy emitting from the rays causes damage to the DNA, triggering the abnormal process.


Tobacco is a significant reason behind the deadly disease. The irony is you don’t have to be a smoker to be affected; it is caused by passive smoking too. The products used have all dangerous chemicals, with a tendency and power to damage your DNA. This type of possibility can cause many forms of cancer.


Obesity is not a disease itself, but it may as well cause it. A person who is obese or is overweight is the one at risk for cancer. Again, this one can trigger not one but several forms of cancer. The only way a person can avoid it is by being physically active. Exercise has to play a pivotal role in this regard.


The medical practitioners stop us from drinking for a reason; it’s harmful in many ways. It is not just responsible for cancer, but many other diseases too. The dangerous substances increase the risk of acquiring the infection. Also, those who drink as well as smoke are at higher risk of the illness.


We have all heard about the value and importance of a healthy diet. The fact is that a poor diet is not suitable for a healthy lifestyle, but it can also cause cancer. An unhealthy diet may not be the direct reason for cancer, but it may make a person prone to it.


We always hear about the benefits of staying out in the sun and receiving the necessary vitamin D. 

However, staying too much in the sunlight can make you prone to ultraviolet radiation. So, staying outside for a moderate time is better than being in the light for excessive hours.

Final Thoughts

Not one type of acquired cancer is unavoidable. But it requires adequate awareness and effort. The means to avoid cancer are existent in a healthy lifestyle and avoidance from all harmful substances. Those prone to the disease must make every effort to prevent it by transforming themselves.

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