Make Your Old Outfits Pop with Simple Accessories

Contrary to popular belief, a fashionable outfit doesn’t have to be comprised solely out of expensive new clothes. You always have the chance to accessorize your old outfits with simple additions that will make you pop where ever you go. These range from bold shapes, the evergreen little black dress, and of course, a few carefully selected pieces of jewelry. Furthermore, all of these simple accessories can be combined to fit into every outfit, from a night-out all the way to work attire.

Cat-eye shades

Worn by famous people all over the globe, cat-eye shades seem to have always been in vogue. They are ideal for formal occasions but you can wear them when you go for coffee with your friends as well. In fact, they pop out the best when combined with a casual clothing style. Pair up these sunglasses with a T-shirt, jeans, or shorts and you’ll get the perfect everyday stylish combo. 

A carryall bag with a floral pattern

Speaking of a casual style that you can carry to work, bags are its most important segment. You can have fun with the carryall bag by selecting one with a floral pattern that will make you stand out from the crowd. Such bags are usually uncolored, so your daisies or roses on the side will make you truly unique. 

The little black dress

If clothes were weapons, then the little black dress would be an apparel equivalent to a nuclear missile. Potent on its own, you shouldn’t neglect the accessories to the LBD. The actual accessories depend on the occasion. A simple night-out will require no more than a fashionable hairpin but a more formal event will require you to wear jewelry.

Experiment with jewelry

When it comes to jewelry pieces that can make your outfit pop, don’t think of traditional pieces. Your grandma’s jewelry might be nice but you should incorporate a more modern design. You can use Moon Magic for inspiration for the style of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, and rings that is in vogue today. Remember, a simple bangle can turn your outfit upside down.

Heeled espadrilles?

Having mentioned the little black dress, we must say that apart from jewelry, footwear can have a huge influence on its effect. In the summer, sandals seem like an obvious choice but there is a wackier solution. Heeled espadrilles might not have been your first fashion choice but they make any summer outfit really pop. Their playful look makes every combo look less dressy and more summery.

A woven handbag

Have you ever considered wearing something knitted or woven in a night-out? You probably haven’t so that’s why the woven handbag is precise the item to wear to make you stand out in the nightclub. Such a bag on its own is a fashion “no-no” but if you pair up its color with the sneakers or shoes,  you are bound to catch everyone’s eye with a bold outfit.

Ditching the flip-flops

When it comes to beachwear, it’s not the Speedos that you need to ditch. Flip-flop slippers or sandals have left fashion a long time ago and have been supplanted with plastic slides. These come in various shapes and colors but best choose black slides for the sexiest look.

A colorful hairband

As far as leisurewear is concerned, the most casual of looks is achieved not with a piece of clothing or a shoe but using a piece of headdress. A colorful hairband will not only help you avoid a bad hair day but will transform your outfit altogether.

A silk skinny scarf

A silk scarf is more than a simple scarf traditionally worn around the neck. You have the option to tie your ponytail with it or simply wear it around the ponytail. Furthermore, it can go around the handle of your satchel, thus popping out the handbag. All in all, a printed silk scarf is a universal accessory that can fit with any outfit.

The accessories we have listed above are mostly simple in design but that precisely what makes them fit well with any outfit. Whether you’re headed to the beach or to a business meeting, simple accessories will make your old outfit pop.

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