Loss of Hearing

Loss of hearing either partially or fully is something that affects a lot of the elderly but often isn’t noticed by them how serious the loss of hearing has become. This is evident by the number of family members or friends that have had to advice the senior about getting a hearing aid. The reason why so many seniors do not realize they have a problem, or at least do not realize how serious the problem has become, is because the hearing loss is gradual, taking several years of slowly getting worse until it has become distinctly noticeable prompting a friend or family member to say something.

Of course it isn’t just the elderly that suffer from hearing loss as some people suffer it due to accidents or genetics where ear problems run in the family. These two causes of loss of hearing though are more sudden and so it is the person suffering the hearing loss that will usually prompt action on their own behalf. Regardless of who initiates the action of getting a hearing aid though, it is the person who is to wear it that should decide which one to buy.

When it comes to buying a hearing aid today, it can be somewhat difficult to decide which to buy because there are so many to choose from however, there are really only three main types and so deciding first, which type they would want will make the decision easier. Discovering which type would be most suitable has now become easy as some providers of hearing aids like allow free trials and in doing so, ensure that someone suffering from hearing loss will get the type of hearing aid which is best suited for their particular circumstances.

The three main types of hearing aid are one which fits in the outside of the ear, one that fits in the ear canal and one that wraps around the back of the ear. Although today, thanks to miniaturization of receivers, amplifiers and speakers, not to mention batteries, any of these modern hearing aids can be barely noticeable however, the ones which fit in the ear canal are often referred to as invisible as they are all but invisible to the naked eye, making them increasingly the more popular choice.

Although today hearing aids may be considered as hi-tech due to the miniaturization technology they use, the origins of the hearing aid are far more basic. The first hearing aids ever used by man are thought be wood carvings which were fashioned in the shape of an ear, usually an animal’s ear; an animal known for its excellent hearing. Later hearing aids were made into a trumpet shape with one narrow end for placing in the ear and one wide end to pick up the sound. Known as trumpets because of their shape, these hearing aids were originally made from animals’ horns or large sea shells but in later years they were made from either bronze or copper but were still as effective.

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