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Little Twig & Sparrow Pajama Review

A special thanks to Little Twig & Sparrow for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a free product  in exchange for an honest review!

 Little Twig & Sparrow Pajama Review

About Little Twig & Sparrow

“Little Twig & Sparrow stands out through unique style and in keeping with unique values: Cool, Fashion and Comfort. We bring you the most exclusive line of children’s sleepwear without compromising on comfort or style. Enjoy!”

My Review

We may live in Georgia where the summer’s heat and humidity forces the kids and I to stay inside during the day. However, we keep it pretty cool in the house… central air is by far one of the best inventions and I could not possibly survive without it. With that being said, I tend to worry about my children at night time and whether or not they are too chilly. Finding the right type of pajamas that are light and breathable can be a tad tricky and most nights the kids just go to bed in a cotton shirt. My oldest daughter recently had the opportunity to review a pair of Little Twig & Sparrow Side Patch Pajamas and instantly fell in love with them! When observing them for myself, I was very impressed with how soft and comfortable the fabric felt to the touch, not like the cheap character pajama sets that my children insist they must have. I just adored the simple design and the patches truly give it a unique and elegant look. They also seemed very breathable and the type of pajamas that would be perfect for a cool summer night, while not being too warm for wear. We often sit out at the back deck after dinner time and it has been getting a bit chilly some evenings. These pajamas are ideal for those chillier evenings and also great for keeping my daughter covered so she doesn’t get bit by mosquitoes!


 Little Twig & Sparrow Pajama Review


We chose to pass along the cross patch pajamas to our wonderful neighbors so their 5 year old daughter could enjoy them. Her mom sent me a text that same evening letting me know that her daughter loved them and they were so incredibly comfy. She also suggested that these would great for adults as well and I could not agree more!


 Little Twig & Sparrow Pajama Review Little Twig & Sparrow Pajama Review

Overall I am very impressed and pleased with not only the style and comfort, but the quality of the Little Twig & Sparrow pajamas. My daughter has worn her set a handful of times and in turn, they of course have visited the washer and dryer. I was very happy with how they held up to the washer and dryer. They maintained their color (no fading) and there were no issues with stitching coming apart or holes in the seems. If you are looking for a comfortable, quality and stylish set of pajamas for your children, then look no further!

 Little Twig & Sparrow Pajama Review

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29 thoughts on “Little Twig & Sparrow Pajama Review

  1. These look so comfy. They are so neat looking too. These do not look like would have a wrinkle problem coming out of the dryer either.

  2. These pajamas are adorable! I love that they are stylish, soft, and comfortable – and they’d make a perfect gift for my niece and nephews!

  3. I love how these look! Also I cannot imagine them ever being uncomfortable. I might live in them if they had my size!

  4. These sound and look wonderful. I have a couple grandchildren who would love to have a pair of these.

  5. Your daughter is adorable and makes a great model. Her face and attitude says it all. These PJs are winners. Heck I would love to have a pair for myself! My niece would fall in love with them.

  6. These pjs look so cute on your daughter. I like the modern design and color. They would be perfect for my 2 granddaughters (sisters) on our chilly nights.

  7. These are so adorable. I love the design. Maybe it’s because it is such a simple design in a usual world of chaotic clothing designs and trends. These are definitely a breath of fresh air from the rest.

  8. Glad to hear that they held up in the wash with no fading or seams falling apart 😉 I think they would be great for my great niece and great nephew 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  9. she’s adorable and seems to love these pj’s. They fit great and look super comfortable, which is a big plus when it comes to bedtime and sleeping soundly.

  10. Your little one looks so happy wearing her pajamas 🙂 They really do look soft and comfortable. I’d be very pleased to see my grandson in a set!

  11. I love that these pajamas are nice and cool for warm weather! We live in Texas and it stays hot for a very long time here. I also love how soft they are, especially nice for my littles sensitive skin.

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