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Little People Flower Power Interactive Storybook App Review

A special thanks to Fisher Price for providing us with the app to review for free!

Little People™ Flower Power Interactive Storybook immerses preschoolers in the exciting adventures of Eddie™, Sofie, Koby, Mia® and Tessa. The book, narrated by singer-songwriter and children’s TV star, Genevieve Goings, will ignite children’s imaginations as they try, try and discover why with their Little People friends.


Mia® is going to her first day of preschool at Little People Place™. She’s feeling a little shy, but the Little People® friends help her feel at home. Eddie™ shows her around the room with a zoom-zoom-zoom. Super-silly Koby makes her smile. Tessa gets Mia twirling. Sofie shows Mia the class flower. But the flower is sad—and the friends want to make it happy. It’s time to come to the rug with their teacher and start a discovery adventure that will make EVERYONE happy! Little People® products help your child discover the world around them through everyday play, helping promote early imagination!


Two Modes: “Read to Me” and “Read it Myself”

  In “Read to Me” mode, the story is narrated by Genevieve Goings as the words populate on the screen. Children can explore the story on their own, giving them a sense of independence and accomplishment. 

In “Read it Myself” mode, the words populate on the screen so parents can read the story to their child, just as they would a physical book.

Interactive Points on Every Page

 As children navigate the storybook, certain objects will sparkle, cueing children to touch those objects to continue the story.

Children can choose their own adventures during the story. Children can choose their own adventures during the story. Choose rocks, leaves or funny stickers as the items that Mia likes to collect. Or select ice cream or Koby’s silly joke to make the flower happy. Whatever they choose their imaginations will help them make the story unfold differently every time they read it.

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My Review

 With a seven year old in the home that is blossoming into an amazing reader, it’s no wonder that my three year old is showing so much interest in reading new books. Just last week, a little boy asked him his name and my son proceeded to blurt out a bunch of letters (a result of listening to his older sister practice spelling tests for school.) I was so amazed once I realized that my son had peaked so much interest in reading and spelling and the Little People Flower Power Interactive App could not have come at a better time! I try to limit the amount of game apps I download on out iPad and am always searching for fun and educational ones instead. The children have done their share of testing out different reading apps and have encountered many that were not appeasing to them. I was delighted to see that within seconds of the Little People app being on, my son was fully engaged and smiling at the screen. My son is very fond of singing apps and he favors anything that involves children; that perfect combination resulted in this being his new favorite “go to” app on the iPad. In addition to all of the fun songs, this is also an interactive app that allows your child to answer questions and make selections. I absolutely love that when your child is asked to select an object or to click on something, it lights right up with sparkles. At three years old, this makes it much easier for my son to understand what he is suppose to do and where he should be focusing his attention. It became very apparent that he was comprehending the story when he told me that he was sad for the flower! I am really looking forward to seeing my son’s reactions when he observes the story playing out differently once he makes different choices in the story. This is such a wonderful educational app and I highly recommend it to all my fans with preschool aged children!

Little Mr. Frugal In Action

 On October 22, this app will be available through iTunes FOR ONE DAY ONLY for just .99cents (It will be $3.99 after that.)


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