Kids-Friendly Theme Parks in Dubai

Dubai has become a synonym for fun and excitement. It has a lot of things to offer to people of different ages. 

Dubai has established itself as a hub of entertainment. The city has a blend of tradition and modernity in it.

Dubai is a place that people of all ages love to visit. This beautiful city is home to several unique parks. Many of these parks are themed especially for kids.

 Locals and tourists can enjoy a  family day out in any park.

In this article, we bring for you a list of five themed parks for kids.

1) IMG Worlds of Adventure

This park is an indoor-themed one in the United Arab Emirates and the first park in Dubai to be mega-themed.

This park is spread over a large expanse of land and has a temperature-controlled environment.

It has four epic zones. Two epic zones revolve around Cartoon Network and Marvel.

In the Cartoon Network section, you can meet your favorite cartoon characters and explore the rides based on various themes like that of Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, etc.

In the Marvel section, you shall come across several Marvel characters like Hulk Epsilon, etc.

The third zone is IMG Boulevard Zone which has several attractions such as Adventure Photography, and to add thrill there is a Haunted Hotel.

The fourth zone is the Lost Valley Zone. It is based on dinosaurs. 

 It features the Velociraptor ride, Adventure Fortress, and Forbidden Territory.

Get lost in the world of adventures by visiting the IMG Worlds of Adventures.

2) Dinosaur Park Dubai

It is in Zabeel Park and had launched its seventh season. This park spreads its magical qualities, and kids love to visit it.

 Kids will have an enthralling experience visiting this park. It blends education with entertainment and makes learning easy and fun.

One can witness the various prehistoric creatures over three periods.  Children get to know about the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Dinosaurs can move and roar; children have permission to ride them.

The Dinosaur Park Dubai houses different species of dinosaurs like Dimetrodon, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex,  Brachiosaurus,  and others. 

They have information that allows the kids to know about them.

Visitors will get an opportunity to learn about the various creatures from their features and unique characteristics like teeth, jaws, etc. They can also go near the animals and listen to their roar.

The park has a museum where kids can see the lifecycle of a mammoth dinosaur. The museum displays the stories of extinct creatures. It encourages the children to know more about animal life.

To make the edutainment process exciting, the park offers rides. Kids can also enjoy riding a toy train.

3) Garden Glow Dubai

Garden Glow Dubai is a themed park. The garden stretches over a vast area of land. 

This park has three parts – Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, and Ice Park.

Glow Park is based on recycling and reusing. The stellar laser show and the Happy Forest section feature representations of various animals. 

It has tunnels and statues that are beautifully lit and a marine-themed section.

Recyclable materials constitute the artworks, and they glow at night time. Enjoy your visit to this garden and have a lifetime experience.

Having several species of dinosaurs, this dinosaur park is a hotspot.

Kids can learn about prehistoric times by going to this park.

The Ice Park offers an experience of cold temperatures. Artists have crafted tonnes of ice into structures.

The Garden Glow Dubai is a must-visit tourist spot in the city.

4) Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark is a famous waterpark in Dubai. People of all ages enjoy visiting this park. This park is a paradise for marine lovers. It has slides and gives a fun-filled experience to visitors.

This water park lies amidst a picturesque location. It has four zones – Surf, Relax, Slide, and Splash. Each zone gives an enthralling experience to the visitors. Kids love exploring these zones.

Laguna Waterpark comes with five major rides. Two rides are groundbreakers. Visitors can access a pool lounge, La Mer North Beach, lazy river, merchandise store,  children’s zone, and food kiosks.

 It allows visitors to move in and out as they wish.

You can buy tickets for the Laguna Waterpark online or from the ticket counter. Cancellation of tickets is allowed if done at least before 24 hours of the experience. No outside food is allowed and it offers excellent spots for photo sessions. 

Enjoy a fun-filled day at this Waterpark when you visit Dubai.

5) Dubai Parks and Resorts

It is an evolving thing. Dubai Parks and Resorts has become the first set of integrated resort spots.

It has three types of parks – water park, entertainment district, and family resort of Polynesian style.

You get an opportunity to enjoy the theme park based on Bollywood. This park offers various cultures from all over India to blend colors, dance, and music. It covers most dance styles that are famous in India.

Motiongate Dubai gives the best entertainment and storytelling from the three most popular studios like Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Lionsgate.

Legoland Dubai upholds more than 40 rides of LEGO-theme, shows, and attractions.

The Bollywood Skyflyer Ride is the highest ride that breaks all records.

The Crossroads stage at Bollywood Boulevard witnesses elegant performances taking their inspiration from retro movies.

At the Columbia Pictures Zone, there is Underworld 3D and The Green Hornet.

High Roller Coaster and  John Wick Roller Coaster are in the Lionsgate Zone.

There is the Lego Land Theme Park and DreamWorks Animation Zone, which are kids’ favorites.

 Dubai Parks and Resorts offer an escape from the daily monotony of life. You can go and spend a day here to experience fun and thrill. A day in this place will boost up the energy and help get rid of the mundane drudgery.

The above-mentioned themed parks are wonderful and give scope to kids and adults to have a day out amidst their busy schedules. They are specially themed for kids so that they can have an enthralling experience.

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