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Kidde Worry-Free CO Alarm Review

A special thanks to Kidde for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Kidde Worry-Free CO Alarm Review

About Kidde

“As the world’s largest manufacturer of fire safety products, Kidde’s mission is to provide solutions that protect people and property from the effects of fire and its related hazards. For more than 90 years industry leaders, the military, airlines and firefighters have relied on Kidde to deliver superior fire detection and suppression. Consumers will find that same advanced fire safety technology in Kidde’s residential and commercial smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and other life safety products.”

About Worry-Free CO Alarms

“Worry-Free alarms offer a variety of benefits to the millions of Americans who rely on continuous hard-wire or battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide detection in their homes. The battery powered alarms contain a sealed, long-life lithium battery lasting 10 years (the life of the alarm), meaning they are always on. The AC hard-wire powered alarms contain a 10-year sealed lithium battery backup, meaning they are always on – even during power outages when batteries can drain quickly. The Worry-Free CO alarms are the first and only UL-listed carbon monoxide alarms proven to provide a decade of protection- up to twice the lifespan in other available alarms.”

Kidde Worry-Free CO Alarm Review

My Review

My children’s pediatrician has a list of questions that he always asks during their regular checkups, one of them being “do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home?” There is a reason he asks this routinely and it’s because many people don’t in fact have one installed in their home. This is such a simple must have item to install in your home, something that could potentially save the lives of your entire family. There is not a single way a person could detect a carbon monoxide leak in their home without an alarm because it does not contains an odor. You can not see it… you can not hear it! I carbon monoxide leak could happen to anyone and it frightens me to think that so many people live without an alarm in their home.

In the home that we lived in previously to this one, we rented and the maintenance crew would come in every few months to change the batteries in out detectors. Even with the batteries being changed routinely, I was awaken one night because the alarm was going off. Turns out the battery had corroded which cause it to set off the alarm. Sometimes the batteries would even start to go in between those few months and I would have to listen to the obnoxious beeping until they could come and replace them. It was such a pain trying to keep up with those alarms and making sure the batteries weren’t effecting them in any way.

Kidde Worry-Free CO Alarm Review

I was so excited after reading about the the fantastic Kidde Worry-Free Co Alarm and could not wait to install one in my home. Once I had mine in hand and ready to install, I soon realized that I just needed to shut the back of the alarm and it was ready to go. No batteries needed to be installed because it came with a sealed 10 year battery that was already inside of it. I hung it up in the perfect spot, which is our main living area and in between our bedroom and the kid’s rooms. The alarm just hangs discretely on my wall, protecting my family and I don’t have to do a single thing to ensure that it works properly. The life of this alarm (including the battery) is ten years… yes you read the correctly… ten years! That means for ten years you will never have to replace a battery and we all know how expensive those things are. Can you believe there is something out there that is so incredibly simply to install and maintain? This is certainly something that every person should consider if they don’t currently have one in their home. The Worry-Free CO Alarm is extremely affordable if you factor in all of the money you will save not having to purchase batteries for ten years. I highly recommend that you visit the Kidde website today and take the next steps towards making your home safe for your family if you haven’t already.

Kidde Worry-Free CO Alarm Review

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33 thoughts on “Kidde Worry-Free CO Alarm Review

  1. We have smoke detectors in our house but I never remember to change the batteries. I remember to change them when we have DLS but I never do it. I love that this is not only a smoke detector but also a CO detector…AND it has lithium batteries so I don’t have to replace them often!

  2. A 10 year battery … Wow!! I’m impressed, and what a relief not to worry about. Especially when it’s concerning life or death. Amazing.

  3. I learned that it is recommended that homes include both photoelectric and ionization alarms for optimal protection against flaming and smoldering fires.

  4. My CO Alarm quit working and I haven’t replaced it yet and I am getting nervous. I am so impressed with this one that I am definitely going to check it out. I love that it has a ten year battery. You can’t beat that.

  5. I am impressed with the 10 year battery life!! This is such a neat product too! I didn’t realize they were the biggest company for products like this. Rita Spratlen

  6. We have a co alarm…I would like another. We got it right before our son was born. I have changed the batteries our 2x since then (our son is 2 1/2) they seem to last a year and then I start to hear a beep. I tend to forget that the thing beeps when batteries are low so I go around trying to figure out which fire/heat/smoke detector it is lol I would like to have one like this that I dont have to worry about replacing the batteries

  7. I love that it comes with a ten year battery! One less thing to have to worry about. We had a co detector in our home but it kept beeping randomly so I took it back to the store. I really need to get a new one. It’s such an important thing to have.

  8. awesome that this has a sealed battery good for 10 years. no worrisome beeping every few months.

  9. I never have to worry about not having batteries in the house because this does not need one for 10 years. Constant protection. LOVE it!

  10. I think this clock is way cool. I would gift it to my husband, whom Im sure would love it as well =) Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s out there =) Best of luck to everyone

  11. I love that this is easy to install and you never have to replace the battery which can be a pain in the butt 😛

  12. Love that it comes with a sealed 10-year battery. Knowing my house, if it didn’t come with that, it would sit on the counter for weeks while we tried to remember to go buy batteries. Truly a lifesaver in multiple ways!

  13. I have used Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM and it has been perfectly working for last 3 years. I really feel that I made a good investment after purchasing this device as number of times it has saved my family’s life.

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