Just the Two of You and Dubai: 9 Magical Ideas for a Romantic Vacation

Dubai is a city made for lovers. It has everything for a romantic vacation: luxurious spas, Michelin-starred restaurants, and starry desert skies. Whichever holiday you choose, you’ll be sure to tell your grandchildren about your vacation in Dubai.

Hot air balloon flight in Dubai

In Dubai, lovers can literally feel over the moon. Balloon Adventures Emirates has organized hot air balloon rides over the endless sands of the desert, with genuine falcons circling above 1,200 meters.

After an unforgettable one-hour flight you can end your day with a romantic dinner and an overnight stay under the starry desert sky, taking you straight into the tale of a Thousand and One Nights with a Ferrari rental at an affordable price at

A place where the past meets the present and the future

Al Seef, next door to Dubai Creek, is a real cultural and historical gem in Dubai. It used to be a true pearl-mining area and today it is a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern technology. The best way to ride in this time machine is on a walking tour.

Start your journey in the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood, stroll the charming alleyways, look for treasures in local designer boutiques, and sample seafood dishes in the restaurants on the picturesque waterfront.

The Al Seef area is open every day from 10 am to midnight. The nearest metro stations are Al Fahidi and BurJuman. Al Seef has self-service underground parking lots with valet service, a marina, and water cab stops.

Calm yourself at the spa

Going to a spa in Dubai is perhaps the most luxurious gift lovers can give themselves.

Talise Ottoman Spa is rightly considered one of the finest spas in the Middle East. Here you can enjoy not only whirlpool baths, sauna, stone massage, and natural wraps, but also admire the Arabian Gulf from a height of 150 meters.

Taste the delicious local cuisine

If you like spiced kebabs and kebabs, fresh seafood, falafel, and crispy flatbread, then you’ll love the UAE’s national cuisine. The most famous dishes are lamb meat with rice and Guzi nuts, mutton cutlets with herbs Kustilet, salted boiled fish in a special sauce al madrina and meat, chicken or seafood stewed with tomato sauce, saloon. A common snack in Dubai is balalit, sweetish noodles with scrambled eggs and for dessert, try the um-ali bread pudding with dried fruit and nuts, local cheesecake ash ashaya.

Dubai has an incredible selection of outdoor restaurants. Flooka Dubai is a fish restaurant by the water, and Seven Sands offers shark in bzar (a mixture of Arabian spices) with turmeric, lime, and white rice.

If you are in the mood for a meal you’ll remember for the rest of your life, head to the floating restaurant Bateaux Dubai, where you can enjoy a cruise along the picturesque Dubai Creek in addition to four courses. It’s already worth the trip!

Fly over Dubai with your lover on the world’s longest zipline

What could be more awesome than taking a ride on the world’s longest zipline? The best way is to take someone you love on board!

Share the thrill for two on the XLine Double Trouble rope ride. Imagine yourself flying together at 80 km/h at 170 meters above the ground, with breathtaking views of Dubai Marina, futuristic skyscrapers, the fabulous bay, and snow-white yachts below you! A keepsake of an unforgettable adventure is a video shot in the first person with a Go-Pro camera attached to your helmet.

Count the stars in the desert

Dubai has many unconventional activities, but a trip to the desert stands out even among them. You can choose one thing – a camel ride, a spa resort under the stars, or a sunrise balloon ride over the endless dunes – or you can have an overnight desert adventure.

If you want a trillion stars to shine just for two, spend the night in Hatta, a natural oasis in the middle of the desert near the border with Oman. The city is nestled in the Hajar Mountains, it’s not as hot. You can also visit the Heritage & Culture Village.

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