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Ju-Ju-Be Behave Earth Leather Diaper Bag Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

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Eco-Friendly Earth Leather Handbags, Purses & Accessories

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a total tree hugger, or if you are just trying to do your best to recycle a few bottles and cans. You just need to know that when you play your part in protecting this planet, you’re doing it for your baby … and it’ll be totally worth it to watch your baby grow and thrive. Great minds think alike, we want to do our part with Earth Leather – an eco-friendly alternative that looks cool and is machine washable. Ju-Ju-Be’s Earth Leather collection is your one-stop leather alternative shop – handbags, purses, totes and other cute accessories for moms. Gear up with the cutest and best looking baby bags to keep your favorite munchkin happy, plus carry everything you need for baby and mommy’s day out,…best of all, feel good about your self and teach your child to care for his precious home – planet earth.”

 My Review

The Ju-Ju-Be Behave Earth Leather Diaper Bag is by far one of the nicest and most practical diaper bags I have ever owned. Finding a diaper bag that can also be used as just a purse is a very rare quality indeed. I like to consider myself a mom that loves to stay stylish and look my best whenever I go out and this diaper bag completes my look. No longer must I carry a bulky looking diaper bag when I need to go to a simple place such as the mall. The Behave diaper bag allows me to pack all of the kids essentials, as well as my own, while keeping them in a compact and easy to tote purse. I was always struggling to find my cell phone at the bottom of my old purse, but the front pocket is this one is the perfect place and I never lose track of it anymore! There is also this amazing little place to clip your keys and once again… I am no longer losing track of those either! This bag is full of so many pockets that help me to better organize all of the items I place in it. Something that I really love about this bag is all of the little details on it that make it unique. The embroidered stars and little designs make it extra special and it defiantly stands out. This bag is also super easy to keep clean and the eco-friendly leather is resistant to anything my kids wipe on it. This is overall an amazing bag and I can’t think of a single thing that I dislike about it. Everything about the Behave bag has made my life easier when leaving the house and it’s just great to carry around. I highly recommend you visit their website and discover more of Ju-Ju-Be’s great collection of diaper bags.

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