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A special thanks to Sweetriot  for sponsoring this delicious post!
Do you love chocolate?
That’s almost like asking if the sky is blue for the majority of you, right?
I’m a huge fan of chocolate or candy in general.
Most chocolate is full nasty chemicals and preservatives, and just isn’t good for you. 
Introducing sweetriot, the yummy, innovative, healthy, guiltless dark chocolate treats that are creating a movement to make a difference in the lives of farmers, artists, and in the fair trade, organic, healthy eating movement.  sweetriot supports Fair Trade and sourcing exclusively with their Latin American amigos, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade. 
And sweetriot treats are irresistible.  At only 140 calories and 3 Weight Watchers Points, you can’t say no.  Now sweetriot is working to create a 100 calorie product line and they need our help developing their delectable treats through their IndieGoGo campaign.
 Looking to raise $50,000, sweetriot offers donors an array of yummy gifts, including a year’s supply of chocolate, an NYC trip, a trip to the cacao farm, and more!  
So come riot and help artists, fair trade farmers, and the expansion of sweet treats become an irresistible, insatiable reality. You’ll reap an abundance of delectable rewards!

Join the Sweetriot Movement!!!


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