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Jimmy’s Gone Green‏ Book Review

A special thanks to Kids Smart Books and Toys for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a free product  in exchange for an honest review!

About Kids Smart Books and Toys

“This California-based company is on a mission to make learning (and teaching) fun. Their children’s products are unique, educational and eco-friendly (made from eco-friendly materials, recyclable or designed to promote environmental awareness and conservation). Because studies show that children, particularly those with autism and other disabilities, learn better with active involvement, it is the company’s goal to make hands-on learning activities that engage children and keep their attention. They strive to create innovative educational products that children (and adults) will enjoy!”

About Jimmy’s Gone Green

“Jimmy shows youngsters in ten you-can-do-it steps how to care for their environment and be a green role model for other kids. The Starter Kit includes one poster, four wristbands, one refrigerator magnet and the award-winning picture book. Through rhyming words and whimsical illustrations, Jimmy teaches kids what it means to be green, like him. Additional wristbands are sold separately.”

Jimmy's Gone Green‏ Book Review

My Review

Just a few months ago, our family made a huge move across the country from Maine to Georgia. We went from a 950sq foot town home to a house that is over 2300sq feet! We were so delighted to move into such a big and beautiful home and settling in did not take long at all. However, there were a lot of new things the children had to learn about the house, more specifically the fact that leaving the lights on in every room was not OK. I swear I must have spent our first few months in the new house running a marathon as I continuously ran around flicking off the light switches everywhere. I sounded like a broken record as I continued to remind my children that they must turn off the light when they leave the room. I felt like nagging them was simply not helping and I was getting pretty tired of hearing myself complain about the lights being on. I knew it was time to take a different approach and I just so happened to have had the opportunity to review the perfect book during this time! The timing could not have been more perfect, as I was getting further into my pregnancy and running up and down the stairs was becoming far too exhausting.

Jimmy's Gone Green‏ Book Review

Jimmy’s Gone Green is a family friendly book that provides a ten step guide for being more green in your life. Each family member is asked to leave their green bracelet on for three days, giving us a helpful reminder of how we can be more green. The book is an amazing visual resource for younger children, helping them to better understand what they can do to be green. I was over the moon with excitement when I discovered there was a page dedicated to talking about how much energy is used when the lights are on. That was truly an eye opener for both of my kids and they actually started to realize that I wasn’t just being a crazy, nagging mom! My older daughter really enjoys reading this book to her younger brother and explaining the ten steps to him. I just love how this book has brought them together to be a cooperative “green team!”

Jimmy's Gone Green‏ Book Review

We also never had the opportunity to recycle at our old home, there was just a dumpster where we placed all of our trash. When we moved to our new home, we had to hire a trash company and they offer a recycling service. This was a whole new experience for the children and they have enjoyed learning about what items we can recycle. They actually get very excited and proud of themselves as we break down boxes and place them into our recycle bin! This whole challenge has been such a rewarding experience and I am so happy to have discovered such a family friendly way to get everyone in the home to be more green. If you are struggling to teach your children about the positive effects of being green, I highly recommend you try the Jimmy’s Gone Green challenge with them!

Jimmy's Gone Green‏ Book Review


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