Italian Christmas Desserts: 5 Foods to Add to Your Gift Basket

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! From decorating the tree to spending quality time with loved ones and feasting on traditional foods, there are a plethora of reasons to get excited for Christmas.

When it comes to celebrating the festival the Italian way, the giving of food is also an integral part. Cookies, sweets, Christmas dark chocolate, cakes, and traditional desserts are some of the foods that people in Italy like to gulp and give as gifts to their friends. In many cases, they become a part of Christmas gift baskets that people give each other.

There are Italian food gift boxes/baskets in the market that you can buy and give them to your guests. However, customizing a gift basket can provide it with a personal touch. But, what to add to your basket?

As Italy’s rich food culture has given the world countless delicious dishes to enjoy different festivals and occasions, it becomes an overwhelming task to pick a few items for your Italian Christmas baskets as gifts.

If you are confused about the desserts from the European country to add to your basket, then we have some traditional foods from the region that you can buy online from a reputed store and make them a part of your gift:

1. Panettone

Italian Christmas Desserts: 5 Foods to Add to Your Gift Basket

In Italy, the festival is incomplete without classic Panettone cake. The fluffy, sweet bread loaf was first baked in Milan. It soon grabbed the attention of cake lovers worldwide. Today, it is enjoyed all across the globe. You can also find recipes online to make this tasty treat at your home. However, you should buy it from a trusted source to experience its classic taste.

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If you are thinking of celebrating Christmas with dark chocolate from Italy, then panettone makes the perfect product to buy and add to your basket. There are many versions of this cake made using traditional recipes.

2. Pandoro

Italian Christmas Desserts: 5 Foods to Add to Your Gift Basket

Apart from panettone, pandoro is a traditional Italian cake that takes center stage during Christmas and New Year. Originated in Veneto, the delicious cake is the favorite of many around the world today. Pandoro is made of flour, butter, egg, and sugar. Although many consider pandoro as an alternative to panettone, you can get both of them and add to your basket of Christmas sweet gifts.

3. Amaretti

Italian Christmas Desserts: 5 Foods to Add to Your Gift Basket

These are almond-flavored amaretto macaron whose origin belongs to Saronno in Lombardy. Apart from almonds, these traditional biscuits contain sugar and egg white as the main ingredients. Today, there are many delicious versions of amaretti available to buy online, including classic soft macaroons, original soft macaroons, and many others.

4. Biscotti

Italian Christmas Desserts: 5 Foods to Add to Your Gift Basket

A list of the best traditional Italian cookies is incomplete without biscotti in it. Also known as cantucci, these almond biscuits were first baked in the city of Prato. Biscotti are twice-baked cookies that feature a dry and crunchy taste. These cookies are made of flour, sugar, eggs, and almonds and can be enjoyed with traditional Italian drinks like Vin Santo.

5. Torrone

Italian Christmas Desserts: 5 Foods to Add to Your Gift Basket

It’s a popular nougat confection from Italy made of egg white, honey, sugar, and almonds. You can get it in a hard or soft version. You can get these candies online and add them to your gift basket.


From cakes to candies and cookies, there are many traditional foods from Italy that can be sumptuous products to buy and add to your gift basket. Apart from that, you can get Italian chocolate baskets for Christmas and gift them to your guests. All you need to do is find the right store and order your Italy-made products. Merry Christmas!

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