Is the Appearance a Significant Reason for the Divorce in Texas?

Every person is somewhat individual, and we have to be remarkably tolerant towards each other, chatting about the marriage, sometimes we stop to think that our spouses are the best and the most attractive in the whole world. Is it really so? The recent survey conducted in Texas has shown that yeah, we do evaluate people according to their appearance. Almost 11% of all the divorce cases occur because the spouses are not happy with the natural peculiarities of each other. There is a lot of useful content about the divorce process in Texas, but we will devote our attention to the reasons why the appearance plays so vital role in the legal marriage, let’s finally discuss the following topic right here.

How It Was in the Past

Well, first of all, let us realize why the appearance is so important for us, and why we are doing our best to improve it. As the historics claim, everything comes from ancient times, especially Ancient Egypt. A long time ago the beauty was arranged to be a predominant trait of the healthy man/woman. If the child was not so physically attractive, he/she was basically ill, and therefore wasn’t needed. The parents did not want to feed and bring up such a child because he/she was a shame of the whole generation. Unattractive children were sent away from their parents, killed or even got the torture. Thank God, those times went away forever,  but the criteria of the beauty have stayed with us since those times.

How It Is Nowadays

When we choose a wife or husband we instinctively think about the beauty of our future children and their good life. As a rule, we evaluate the appearance of any person passing by in 12 seconds. If you are looking at the person more than this stipulated time, you definitely want to continue the communication with the person or know each other better. When we fall in love, there are lots of butterflies in our stomach, so we cannot estimate the situation clearly. The beloved person seems to be the best, but with some period of time it, can change to another situation. Your euphory disappears, and you can see him/her in a little bit different way. You can notice the freckles, wrinkles, and overweight of each other. The women usually can lose their attraction due to the pregnancy or the hard process of giving birth. The men can drink and eat more than they did before being married, etc. You cannot say for sure whether you can be beautiful forever or not for your spouse.

If It Is Not Your Cup Of Tea

As you do not like how your wife/husband looks like and you are willing to find someone better, you can begin with a discussion with your spouse. Remember that no aggression and no offensive words should be in your speech. You can just tell him/her that YOU have a problem and also have no idea what to do. Claim that you are really eager to support and love this person but you cannot live together because your perception of the world has already changed. If the appearance is not the only one reason why you are dissolving the current marriage, you might not speak about the appearance at all. Your idea is not to hurt your spouse and get the type of the divorce in the future, that will give you the opportunity not to have a great number of problems. Anyway, if your spouse does not appeal to you, he/she is still a person, an individual, so the smoother will be the conversation the more chances to get the divorce that will satisfy both you and your spouse.

Speaking about my own attitude towards the appearance that can cause the divorce, I have to say that it is not the crucial factor in the relations. If you love your spouse just because he/she is cool, believe me, you will divorce in the nearest future. Appearance is, of course, important, however, it is not the most crucial at all. Personally, for me, it is more significant to have a helping hand nearby, to have a common sense of humor, etc. In my humble opinion, if the appearance is must have in your relations, think about them and try to realize what is wrong until it is not too late.

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  2. It’s interesting to know that 11% of the divorce cases happen because people ended up unsatisfied with the natural peculiarities of the other party. In our case, however, the problem is not entirely physical but mainly emotional; I have problems dealing with the way my husband treats me when he’s drunk. After several years of enduring his personality, I think it’s time for me to seek divorce mediation services.

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