Is It Possible To Grow Your Hair Faster Naturally?

Every person has different hair, it varies in colour, thickness, and even volume and length. It’s fair to say that most people see their hair as something that helps to define them. Of course, having a style and a definition doesn’t mean you don’t want to change it periodically 

It can be frustrating waiting for your hair to grow and it’s normal to wonder if it is possible to grow it faster or not. 

Research shows that hair grows on average ½ inch per month. The good news is that there are several natural things you can do to help it grow faster. However, it is difficult to predict exactly how fast it will grow. 

Select Your Product Wisely

If you want your hair to grow faster you need to read the ingredients on your hair care products. You’re looking for anything natural which has plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals in. These are all essential to hair growth and can be found in several of the products in the Muk range. 

Going with a natural product means you are not adding harsh chemicals to your hair that could potentially damage it and your scalp, slowing growth. 

Head Massage

In order for your hair to grow it needs to have plenty of minerals and nutrients. Massaging your scalp for several minutes daily will increase the flow of blood to your brain. This will allow more nutrients to reach the hairs, increasing their rate of growth and the number of hairs growing. 

Consider Your Diet

Hair is primarily protein. That means, to encourage growth, you need to look at what you are eating. A balanced diet with plenty of protein will help to ensure your hair has everything it needs to grow. Having all the resources available will help your hair to grow faster. 

Growth Supplements

It is possible to get collagen and biotin supplements. These are designed to help your hair grow faster. You simply have to take the supplement as described and see what effect they have. 

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

It can be difficult to avoid heat styling tools if you need them to create your normal hairstyle. However, heat dries hair and can damage the roots. To prevent this and encourage hair growth you’ll want to reduce the time spent using heat tools. Your hair won’t just grow faster, it is likely to look softer and shinier. 

Trim It Regularly

Trimming the bottom of your hair is a great way to remove split ends. Of course, it won’t make your hair any longer. But, trimming encourages hair health which means your hair is capable of growing faster. That’s important if you want to speed up hair growth.

While it can be frustrating waiting for your hair to grow, you simply need to remember that it is growing and try out different styles as you wait. You never know, you may find your perfect style sooner than you think! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing such great tips! Following these tips will work wonders for many people. But sometimes the cause of hair loss and poor hair quality lies in hormonal problems. Then you need other remedies, hormonal medications, or even hair transplantation.

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