Is It Advisable to Quit Your Job Without a Plan?

Everyone thrives well when there is security. You are happier when you have money to pay your bills, a job that guarantees a comfortable life and a loving family to go home to every day. However, a time comes when you feel restless and dissatisfied with your job. The money or perks no longer mean anything to you, and all you want is to be out. 

When you feel this way, it’s more stressful to stay in a job than without one. Probably, your heart sinks every day you wake up to go to work, but you always look forward to spending time away from the office, to the extent of faking sickness or other commitments to skip work. Instead of putting yourself in this situation, quit. How do you make a move?

Talk to Mentors and Industry Experts

It helps to talk to people who believe in increased favorable employment opportunities for all, such as Chike Aguh. If you already have a mentor, speak to them about your concerns, decisions and fears. Quitting your job is the bravest and most stressful thing anyone can do without a plan B. Talking to someone gives you the confidence to step out there without worrying about the financial implications. 

Understand Your Reasons for Quitting

People get dissatisfied with employment for varied reasons. Do you constantly fight with your boss or line manager? Do you feel you’ve been in one position for too long without growth opportunities? Do you think you should be doing something that impacts people’s lives or more emotionally fulfilling work? It’s also essential to check how long you’ve had the feeling. If it’s more than several months, then it’s time to find other opportunities. 

Have Some Financial Backing

It’s okay to take a break from meaningful employment as you focus on personal growth. Maybe you want to refocus your energy on things that give you more joy and satisfaction, such as charity work or starting a business. Because you’ll not have a consistent income source, ensure what you have can comfortably cater to your family needs for at least six months. 

You may also consider reducing your family expenses. You can cut your budget on things you can currently do without, like vacations, eating out and buying new clothes. 

If you don’t have enough finances saved, you can still quit. You’ll get more clarity when you step away from the stressful or toxic environment. You’ll also be able to look for a better job fast when at peace and able to focus. 

Make Quitting Meaningful

If you quit your job to only lie on your couch every day watching tv, you’ll soon get depressed. Take a few days to rest, then have a strategy that either involves working on your personal growth, finding more rewarding job opportunities’ for volunteering your services. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not entirely for monetary gain. Impact lives, change your community and improve your overall health. 

Do it, don’t listen to people but follow your heart if you want to quit your job. A few years down the road, you’ll be glad you made the bold move. 

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