Is ice helpful for Varicocele?

Is ice helpful for Varicocele?A varicocele is a complication of the scrotum with similarities of a varicose vein is to a leg. The scrotum in a male is the skin made covering of the testicles. The skin of the scrotum consists of blood vessels like arteries and veins which are carriers of blood to the reproductive organs. The varicocele is caused due to a vein deformity in the form of enlargement of the veins in the scrotum. These enlarged vein are known as pampiniform plexus. A common occurrence among nearly 15% of the male population, this complication can be noticed during puberty and generally on the left side of the scrotum. It can cause decrease in the sperm count and ultimately infertility. It can also cause the scrotum to shrink.

What are the symptoms of Varicocele?

There are no impactful symptoms that proclaim this condition. However there are a few discomforts you may experience and they are:

  • Lumpiness in one of the testicles.
  • Scrotum enlargement due to swelling.
  • The veins in the scrotum seem twisted and appear like a bag of worms.
  • A dull and repeated pain in the scrotum

How does the varicocele happen?

Each testicle is held up with the help of a spermatic cord which contain nerves, arteries and veins whose role is to support the glands. In the case of a healthy vein the blood moves from the testiccles to the scrotum and then to the heart. But in some cases the blood does not move at the speed it generally should and begins to gather in a part of the vein. This causes the vein to enlarge and ultimately cause varicocele.

When is the treatment for varicocele necessary?

This condition does not generally need a treatment but still you might want go for a treatment if:

  • You experience acute pain.
  • The complication causes testicular atrophy.
  • Is the cause of infertility
  • Planning on assisted reproductive techniques.

Is ice helpful for varicocele natural treatment? When you want to naturally treat your varicocele ice is the best method to do so. Naturally treating the varicocele is all about caring for your scrotum by maintaining its right temperature. So, yes ice is a good way to naturally treat varicocele but too much cooling of the scrotum is again not recommended.

There are two medicines, One natural medicine, called Oronerv (Previously Nervica), and Second natural medicine, ACIDIM,  provided by a company called Grocare India which specializes in medicines for varicose vein treatment without surgery.

These medicines address the root cause of the problem and have worked wonders minimizing chances of recurrence of varicose veins in the body later on.

The dos and don’ts for using ice as the natural treatment for varicocele:

  • Do not apply ice directly to the testicles. It cools them beyond the temperature necessary.
  • Avoid using the ice pad on the scrotum and testicles for a prolonged period of time.
  • No over cooling the scrotum and testicles is allowed.

What are the benefits of cooling the scrotum and testicles?

It is believed that another cause of varicocele is overheating of the scrotum and testicles which cause the veins to shrink. Hence it is necessary to cool down these areas from time to time throughout the day. The benefits of the natural remedy of varicocele are:

  • It helps to fight a complication in the testicle called testicular hyperthermia
  • Restart the testicular functions and enzymes which are active only in low temperatures.
  • Cools the testicular veins because of which their tone is improved.
  • It contracts the scrotum because of which all the toxics are flushed out ultimately improving the circulation of blood in the reproductive organs.

To cool down your scrotum and testicles even a cold water bath is beneficial. Remember to wash the thigh and lower abs area with the cold water for 10-15 second but avoid over cooling them.

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  1. Another way to cool your testicle is to lie on the floor with feet in the air and a pillow under your butt to raise your hip. Do this for 10 to 15 minute it will reduce the hot toxic blood in your testicles . Search google image for varicocele pose.

  2. I appreciate your tip on not directly applying ice to the testicles. My brother is in a lot of pain lately because of this and I’m not sure how to help him. I think it would be a good idea to get some of those gel ice pads to ease the pain.

  3. hi it is a good answer, bust some books and websites recommended not using cool or make safe our testicle from cooling areas

  4. Never thought ice can do a lot go things 🙂 Thanks for sharing the informative article. I don’t think people know such type of problems occur, and yet if they are suffering from it , they might won’t tell anyone.

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