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Hyland’s 4Kids Homeopathic Cold Medicine Review

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Caring for your child whom is suffering through a cold is one of the hardest things a parents must do. Doctors warn us against the medicines on the shelf and provide strict advice on making sure we give proper dosages. I have always been the parent that will try every natural remedy before offering my children medicine. While many of these home remedies work for minor colds, it can be much harder to reduce the symptoms caused by a severe cold. While making an exhausted trip to the store years ago, I was determined to find a medicine that I felt comfortable giving to my sick child. That is when I noticed a small section of homeopathic cold medicines. I decided to purchase one and from there on out, homeopathic cold medicines have been the only choice for my kids!

What is Homeopathic you ask?

“Homeopathic medicines are thought to act according to the “Principle of Similars” and the “Principle of Minimum Dose.” These principles state that if a drug causes certain symptoms in a healthy person, that same drug may be given in very small doses to relieve those same symptoms in a person exhibiting them from a different cause. More simply put, with homeopathy, “like cures like.” The natural ingredients used in homeopathy help the body rid itself of not just the symptoms (as with conventional medicines) but also the cause of the symptoms, in a completely natural way.”

Are homeopathic medicines safe?

Yes. Homeopathic medicines are safe and non-habit forming. Homeopathic medicines are safe because they use highly diluted amounts of active ingredients to stimulate the body’s healing response.

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Knock on wood, my children have managed to avoid the wretched back to school cold this year. However, my daughter did start complaining last week that her throat was sore, her nose was runny and she had been coughing a lot at school that day. As she got ready for bed that night, she found it difficult to settle in and the cold symptoms were really starting to bother her. I decided that it was the perfect time to try out Hyland’s 4Kids Cold ‘n Cough medicine. I was prepared for the worse when I went to bed that night, assuming I would be up most of the night caring for my daughter. But when morning came and I went to wake her for school, she woke without complaint and said she felt much better! I gave her a dose before she headed off to school, as she started to complain again about her runny nose. Once again, I was expecting the worse and by that I mean a call from the nurse saying my daughter wasn’t feeling well. 3:30 rolls around and my daughter skips her way off from the bus, clearly a result of a cold free day! I was so ecstatic at how the medicine was able to nip those symptoms right in the bottom before they became unbearable. As the cold weather gets closer and closer and cold season quickly approaches, I am reassured by the fact that I have a safe and effective cold medicine that will help ease my children’s cold symptoms!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I too, dislike giving my kids medicine but also donmt want to see them suffer! I will be sure to try this!

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