How You Can Help End Diaper Need

How You Can Help End Diaper NeedThis post is sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and AWHONN. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my very own. #DiaperNeed #moms4babies
My third and last child is currently in the process of potty training and it is going so incredibly well! The thought of never having to deal with diapers again is overwhelmingly exciting. My diapering journey has been quite eventful and I will never forget the many stories from having to diaper three kids over the years. I remember 11 years ago finding out I was pregnant… at just 18 years old. Being a teen mom was an experience I will never forget and I am thankful to have come out on the top. However, those were the days when money was a struggle and necessities such as diapers were something I stressed about having enough money to purchase… and sadly… I was not alone in this. In fact, 1 in 3 families in the United States experience diaper need: not having enough diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy.
A study done by Yale University learned that moms find that not having enough diapers was more stressful to them than not having a place to live or enough food! The study, published in Pediatrics, highlights what you already know… Moms just want to do right by their child and will do anything to keep their baby happy and healthy.
How You Can Help End Diaper Need

I remember reading an article once while waiting in the pediatrician’s office… it went on to discuss how babies of low-income families suffer more frequently from diaper rashes and infections. Why you ask? Because babies are at a higher risk for severe diaper rash and infection from wearing soiled diapers for extended periods of time. Parents who struggle to pay for diapers dry and reuse dirty diapers, which results in severe diaper rash. Something else you may not consider is that those families not having enough diapers to maintain a “supply” at childcare also means that their infant can’t attend daycare. As a result… mom or dad might be forced to abandon work… and a paycheck… in order tp care for baby. It’s an unfortunate cycle that harms a family’s health and well-being.

How You Can Help End Diaper Need

I am a firm believer in giving back! Being a former teen mother has driven me to help, donate and give back whenever possible… whether it’s my time or money. I was so thrilled to discover that Atlanta has an amazing organization that helps families in need get the diapers they need for their baby. AWHONN’s Healthy Mom&Baby, Huggies®, and the National Diaper Bank Network are working to close the diaper gap so that no family has to choose between food, work, childcare, and diapering their infants. Their goal this year is to collect more than 250,000 diapers… and they need your help reaching that number.

AWHONN launched the Healthy Mom&Baby Diaper Drive when they became aware of the many ways nurses provide infant care essentials for their tiniest patients… everything from diapers and wipes to clothes and car seats. Nurses go above and beyond for their patients! Please help moms like you and nurses across the country improve the lives of struggling families and their babies, so together we can make strides toward closing the diaper gap for good!

How You Can Help End Diaper Need

Why is helping with diaper need so crucial right now? Because these next few months are back to school and preschool time. Parents are already knee deep in purchasing back to school supplies, those items add up very quickly. Why not throw a bag or box of diapers into the shopping cart? Or, make an online donation at to help those 1 in 3 families in your community who don’t have all of the diapers they need to send their children to day care or preschool.


If you’d like to purchase diapers to be donated in a community locally, you can do so by using your Amazon Wish List! Connecting Communities and Families is a diaper bank in Atlanta that provides diapers to families who are struggling with diaper need. Click here to visit their Amazon Wish List, where you can purchase diapers via Amazon to be sent directly to the bank. Simply add a pack of diapers from the list to your cart, proceed to check out, and be sure to select Connecting Communities and Families shipping address from the list. Your diapers will go straight to their door and be distributed to families right here in Georgia! If you have any questions about this diaper bank, reach out to Rosie Palmer

Connecting Communities and Families
970 Martin Luther King Jr .Dr. SW
Suite 201 Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 688-6559

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  1. Whao…. This is a very great initiative. The truth is that, most times we focus on helping “big” cause, while we forget that there are small causes that needs attention as well. Small causes such as diapers. Thanks for bringing this to limelight

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