How You Can Help a Deserving Family Host an Orphan for the Summer

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How You Can Help a Deserving Family Host an Orphan for the Summer

About The Family Behind This Fundraiser

“Hello family, friends and strangers. My family and I are currently living at Joint Base Lewis-McChord as my husband serves in the U.S. Army, however home for us will always be the beautiful State of Maine. We have a wonderful 3 year old son and a beautiful 2 month old daughter.
We’ve been considering adoption for awhile now and thanks to Project 143 the doors have been opened to host a boy from Latvia for the Summer. Which may, God Willing, lead to adoption in the future. The little boy we’re trying to host is named Ingus, and he is 9 years old. He has been bounced around to a few orphanages already in his young life as well as coming from a hard family, however he is described as a sweet and loving little boy who loves to snuggle and play outside. 

In order to make this dream a reality we need to raise $2700. This will pay the remainder of the hosting fees, and the airfare to get him and I from Chicago to Seattle. Please if you can consider making a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Any amount helps us get that much closer to giving Ingus a summer away from an orphanage and to be in a loving family environment. Thank you!”


It is estimated that there are between 143 million and 210 million orphans worldwide, please help us help this ONE!

How You Can Help

 I was overjoyed when my friend Jenessa first informed me that her family had the opportunity to host an orphan for the summer. I have known her for many years and this was something she has always been passionate about, so it was exciting to see that her dreams were finally coming true. I have had the privilege of meeting a few families over the years that have adopted and I am in awe of the love they have in their hearts for the children. Unfortunately adoption can be a pretty expensive journey and the families are often in need of a little extra help to fulfill their dreams.

My question for you today is… how much did you spend on coffee last week? Did you grab some lunch during the week at your favorite restaurant? I know I could spend $10-$20 easily on little things like that throughout the week, it really adds up! So what if this week we made a simple sacrifice and chose not to grab our favorite cup of coffee on the way to work. What if we instead took that money and used it towards making a dream come true!

The Boothby family could really use our help right now with securing enough funds in order to bring Ingus to their home for the summer. I have over 36,000 fans across my social media networks… can you imagine how quickly we could make their dreams come true if everyone donated… even if it were just $5!

Visit their gofundme page today and see how you can help this amazing family make Ingus’ summer one he very much deserves!

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