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How to Trim The Belly and Trim Your Budget

How to Trim The Belly and Trim Your Budget

It’s a common excuse as to why people aren’t making those big changes that could help them live a much healthier life. They simply don’t have the money to afford all those changes. It’s an idea that they undoubtedly believe is justified. However, that just isn’t the case. We’re going to look at some of the simple myths and the replacements that make healthier living much cheaper than sticking to bad habits.

You don’t need a gym membership

There’s no doubt that access to gym equipment and the right environment can be a great help. However, as long as you’re willing to take the steps yourself, you don’t need a gym membership. For one, some like to take the step of buying their own equipment bit by bit. There are also plenty of free activities you can do to get in better health. Body weight exercises and finding new places to run can make you completely self-reliant. Then, all you really need to buy is some gear that’s workout suitable.

Or a personal trainer

One of the reasons the gym environment works is because you can get advice on your goals and how to get them. However, if you a smartphone or a tablet, you can get the exact same advice for free. Personal training apps are great at helping you create a bespoke fitness plan and tracking your progress. Don’t be shy about using the internet to find groups where you can talk about tips and form for the particular exercises you’re doing, either.

Bad habits always cost

Most bad habits cost us money and we know this. But there are a lot of great, cheaper ways to replace those habits, too. For instance, if you want to cut down on your alcohol, then consider going for more sober nights out, such as dinner with your friends or a trip to the cinema. If it’s smoking that’s keeping your costs up, then learn about Vaporescence and the prices of e-cigarettes compared to however many you smoke a day. In most cases, it turns out to be both the healthier and the more economical choice. The high-cost of the unhealthier habits serve as just another reason to kick them to the curb.

Dispelling the health eating myth

We’re not talking about the myth that it’s good for you. That’s undoubtedly true. We’re talking about the myth that eating healthy must always be more expensive that filling yourself with junk. It’s true you have to pay a higher price for individual ingredients. However, if you get smart with meal planning and smart shopping as Lifehacker suggests, you can actually cut down on the costs. This means buying ingredients you make more than one use of, splitting the cost between more than one meal. Compare that to processed foods, which you buy for one use only, and it becomes clear how you can spend the exact same or even less to eat healthily.

You don’t need state of the art equipment and you don’t need to double your grocery costs. Nor should you stick to habits that cost you both your money and your health. Hopefully, the tips above help you get closer to better health in body and bank balance both.

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