How to Show off Your Engagement Ring

Receiving an engagement ring is one of the most exciting experiences in a lifetime. It is normal to want to show off your engagement ring. But how do you do it? Here is how to show off your engagement ring.

Go for a Photo Shoot

It is a great idea to go for a photo shoot after your engagement. You and your fiance should pose in such a way that your left-hand catches people’s attention. You can hug him with your right hand and lift your left hand in the air. Take a picture while your fiance is holding your left hand.

You can also take pictures holding drinks such as coffee or smoothies in your left hand. Get mugs that have love quotes to accentuate the theme of the photo. If you have pets, take them with you to the photo shoot. You could also put the ring on the pet. If you have a dog, for example, put the ring on the paw or its head. Post these pictures on social media to share your happiness with the public. If you are not ready to expose your love story to the public, share the photos with family and friends only.

Give Your Partner Hints

Most married people have attested that they had a gut feeling that the partner was about to propose. If you have such a feeling, and you would like to get a statement ring, it is good to give the partner indirect hints. For example, you can start conversations about the best settings for diamonds. This will provide them with a clue of what you want when setting a diamond on your ring. Getting a statement ring is already a show-off; you don’t need to put extra efforts.

Play with Your Necklace

When you are in public settings, you should consider playing with your necklace using your left hand. This is an effective way to ensure everyone in the room notices the sparkling ring.  Strangers may even approach you and congratulate you.

Your Left Hand Should be Active

If you are not left-handed, your right hand is usually more active, but you need change if you want to show off your engagement ring. Carry your keys in your left hand and hand people things using your left hand. Your engagement ring will not go unnoticed if you use this trick. You can also receive your phone with your left hand. Holding your phone on your ear using your left hand is a fantastic idea.

Brush Your Hair

Nothing is as cool as pushing your hair off your eyes using the engagement ring finger. Use your left hand to push back your hair with your engagement ring. Brush your hair using your fingers to increase the chances of people noticing the ring.

Adjust Your Glasses

If you wear spectacles, ensure you adjust them with your left hand. If you want to clean them, remove them using your left hand. After cleaning them, put them on using your left hand.

Hold Your Wine Strategically

When you go out for a glass of wine, ensure that you are holding the glass with your left hand in a strategic pose that anyone on the opposite side can see the ring.

Show Your Watch

If you have a fantastic engagement ring, stop telling people the time using your phone. If somebody asks you what the time is, raise your left hand boldly to show them the watch, and they will notice your ring.

Take a Selfie

You cannot resist taking a selfie every morning when you have an engagement ring. Make sure that you put your left hand on your face in an appealing way or use it to touch your hair. This will make the ring recognizable in your selfie.

Showing off your engagement ring is a sign that you are proud of your fiance. But you need to do it right to avoid passing the wrong message. Apply these tips to show off your ring to your family and friends.

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