How to Save Time When You Don’t Have It

It is said that you can never get time back. Therefore, it is very valuable. And more often than not, we just don’t have enough of it. So it helps to learn how to save time to make the most of it. It can be hard to juggle your time well, but here are some pro tips to get you started today.

Hire Professionals for the Job

Sometimes there is so much to do you just don’t have the time and cannot physically or mentally get the job done. Some tasks are so time-consuming they will get in the way of your job and family commitments, upsetting your delicate work-life balance. This is when you need a little help from professional services. This could be a nanny for the kids, a personal assistant for your job, or a local divorce attorney for making sure a separation goes as well as it possibly can.

Plan Your Day Around Your Time

You can stay organized and problem-free in most cases if you simply plan your day around what little time you have. You can do this digitally with apps like Asana, Trello, or even Google and Outlook Calendar. Then, of course, you can go old school and just use a diary and a thing called a pen, whatever that is. However, it doesn’t matter what you use. Just that your time is ordered well to reduce any wasted time so you can work on your daily tasks with better efficiency.

Save Time by Managing It Well

Having a time management system is essential for a modern lifestyle, especially if you work and have to take care of your family. Yet according to recent research, 82% of people don’t use even the most basic time management skills. These include setting goals for the day or week, noting your deadlines, and prioritizing tasks in order of urgency. Yet using just one of these time management skills will instantly make your time more efficient and your life easier. While a combination of essential time management skills can make you a multitasking powerhouse.

Remove Things That Will Distract You

If you work at an office, then you will be aware of distractions such as emails, gossip, and even social media. And if you work at home, there is no end to distractions. But distractions are terrible for wasting your time. And they only lead to reduced performance and productivity. So you need to make sure you reduce these as much as possible. First of all, put your phone on silent if you are working on a project. And try to make a calm space for getting your work done.

Learn When You Work Best

Like finding a good place to work, it also helps to try to identify when you work well just as much as where. Some people are full of beans in the morning after waking up, while others are like early humans evolving into something more. Or maybe you spring to life in the afternoon or evening with a sudden jolt of energy and inspiration. This time period is known as your peak hours, and you can really get things done if you schedule your essential work around these.

Go Digital to Get Things Done

You really can’t avoid going digital these days, and you will need to do it for at least one thing in your life. But digital apps are a major help, especially when you want to save time or make the most of it. Additionally, it is often much quicker, easier, and more convenient for things like:

  • Automating email replies such as out of the office or welcoming new customers.
  • Buying things, of course, so you don’t need to leave the house for essentials.
  • Tracking projects and daily tasks related to work and home life.
  • Collaborating and working with colleagues remotely using webcams and chat.
  • Getting more work done from the comfort of your own home.
  • Scheduling and holding important video meetings using Zoom and Teams.
  • Paying bills, checking your bank accounts, and even submitting your tax returns.

Using the web for vital daily tasks is a great time saver. In the short term, you can just get things done quickly and conveniently. In the long term, you can establish a digital and online routine for working with colleagues, on your job, or in regular meetings with employees or the boss.

Take Downtime when Working

When you work hard, it is vital that you make time for breaks. Doing too much, especially over the long term, will cause issues with work and lead to burnout. In short, it’s not a good way to work. Taking breaks allows you to keep your focus so you can get things done. You must also schedule a time to eat something healthy. Most offices, especially for computer workers, have a 50/10 rule. This means you should take a 10-minute break for every 50 minutes of your work. 

Do Two Things at Once If You Can

It is said that men cannot multitask. This, of course, isn’t true. Anyone can learn to multitask. And it’s a vital skill for making the most of your time. However, you need to really work on this to do it well since the best way to get something done right, in most cases, is to give it your full attention. When beginning to learn this, it helps to start small by working in chunks of allocated time. With that in mind, you must also take breaks so you don’t tire out your brain while doing it.

Save Time by Planning Ahead

Planning is the key to getting most things done. But more crucially, planning well will save you tons of time. For example, having your work clothes washed, pressed, and in your wardrobe for the next day is a huge time-saver in the morning. Other examples of planning include preparing your food for lunch while working, using templates if you do repetitive work such as blogging, and going over a meeting agenda ahead of time so you know what to expect when you attend.

Say No When You Need To

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to work and even life is to say no. But this is something that must be done. If you say yes to everything, you will take on too much for the time you have available. Of course, you need reasoning for saying no, especially if requests are work-related. For instance, you could offer alternative solutions and give reasons why you cannot help at this time. And you have the right to refuse work for health and well-being.

Keep Communication Open

More often than not, things get confused and delayed because of poor communication. This will jam up your time, negatively impact your work, and upset your mood. So keeping lines of communication open can be a useful way to save time for everyone. Fortunately, this is easier than ever these days. And you can use apps for managing projects with other workers and staff. Or you can even keep a social media channel open, such as WhatsApp, for quick messages.


It becomes a skill to try to save time when you don’t really have it. And these days, most of us are short on time. This is made worse when you take into account work and family life. Yet you can hire expert help, work to your best hours of the day, and learn how to say no if you need to.

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