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How to Save Money in Paris and Still have an Enjoyable Experience

How to Save Money in Paris and Still have an Enjoyable Experience

The city of Paris is a popular destination for those seeking a little bit of romance, high fashion, or the world’s best cuisine. As a major center of global commerce, the city also draws in thousands of international business travelers there each year as well. Whether you’re traveling to Paris on business or for a holiday, saving money during your visit is always an approach worth pursuing. As a center of cooking and fashion excellence, Paris may seem like an expensive place to visit but it’s possible to be frugal while still enjoying the best the city has to offer.

Here are some top tips on how to save money in Paris while still having an enjoyable experience:

Staying In Paris

When it comes to where to stay during your time in Paris, the wonders of technology have opened up myriad possibilities. Apps such as Airbnb allow you to find more comfortable and suitable accommodation at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. Add to that discount flight from Los Angeles to Paris and you will have already made some decent savings. For even more frugal living you could consider staying in a hostel or get to meet some of the local community by couch surfing.

 Getting Around In Paris

As with any major city, getting around in Paris can easily become a drain on your finances during your visit. Luckily, the benefits of being a big city also extend to the availability of a comprehensive and extensive subway system. In addition to being frugal on airfare such as a cheap flight from New York to Paris, you can add to your savings by opting for public transportation straight from Charles de Gaulle airport into Paris. The city is also well serviced by over-ground regional trains and local bus routes which will allow you to also make substantial savings on taxi fares. You can also make further savings by purchasing the “carnet” pack of ten bus tickets instead of singles for each journey.

 Parisian Cuisine on a Budget

In the case of dining in Paris, keeping a close eye on your expenses does not have to mean dull and uninspiring food. There are still dozens of culinary experiences that offer the best of French cuisine without costing you a fortune. The simplest way to reduce how much you spend on food is by shopping for basics at the grocery store and preparing food at home where possible.  When it comes to eating out you can easily save a fortune by going for a set lunch menu offered in most restaurants which offers a significant saving on the regular dinner menu.

In addition to the above, another tip is picking up food at one of the various outdoor food markets that are available in Paris. Heading to one of these markets gives you access to a wide range of meats, cheese, wine, and much more for massive savings on meals and ingredients. Not only is this a way to save on food and dining costs, shopping for food at a market is also a great way to get the true taste of French food.

Whether you’re visiting Paris for business or pleasure, it’s worth making sure you don’t have to pay any more than you have to. Other top tips include making the most of the free tours and museum passes that are regularly available in and around Paris, and using the city’s Velib bike-sharing program. With the above approach, you’ll still get the most out of this amazing city without having to empty your wallet!

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