How to Pick the Right Kids’ Pillow for Your Toddler

How to Pick the Right Kids’ Pillow for Your ToddlerIf you want to get your toddler a new pillow, whether you’re going to buy on Amazon or elsewhere, you shouldn’t get them a regular pillow. I know, you’re wondering why. The thing about regular pillows is that they are designed for the necks and heads of adults. The proportions of these body parts for a toddler are way different. That’s where toddler pillows come in. They are designed to suit the proportions of your child and are, therefore, much more comfortable, providing your baby’s body with the support it needs as it develops.

The best time to introduce your toddler to a new pillow is between the ages of 18 months and 24 months. However, this can be different for different toddlers, and there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule for the correct time. It will ultimately be your decision as a parent depending on the signs your child gives you that he or she is ready for a toddler’s pillow.

So how do you choose the right kid’s pillow for your toddler?


The first step is to be attuned to any allergies your child might have. If they are allergic to wool, for example, then it makes absolutely no sense to buy them a woolen pillow.

Does the Pillow Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

In general, there is some form of warranty offered by the manufacturer of the pillow. It can vary and could be anything from 90 days to as much as three years. The longer the satisfaction guarantee, the more willing the manufacturer is to stand behind their product and, therefore, the better the quality of the kid’s pillow is likely to be.

Is the Pillow Soft or Firm?

There is an art to this and you need to find the balance. If the pillow doesn’t regain its shape when you press it down, then it’s probably a little too soft. That means there is a risk of suffocation for your toddler. On the other hand, a pillow that doesn’t respond to pressing at all is too hard and will be uncomfortable.

What’s the Pillow Cover Made of?

The pillow cover is typically made of cotton. That cotton could either be organic or inorganic. The inorganic cotton might have bleaches, toxins and dyes that might be harmful to your toddler. Organic cotton pillows don’t have any of these and noted to be this way. However, they also happen to be more expensive than inorganic cotton pillows.

What Is the Fill Material of the Pillow?

The material that is put inside the pillow is what makes it so comfortable and soft. There are many options here, ranging from buckwheat to foam, so it all depends on your preference. Some fillings make the pillow easier to clean than others while others make the pillow noisier, which might make it likelier for your toddler to wake up from his or her sleep.

What Is the Thread Count of the Pillow?

The thread count is simply the number of threads contained in every square inch. The higher it is, the more durable the pillow will be and the silkier it will feel. It also won’t be as scratchy or uncomfortable as a pillow with a lower thread count.

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