How to Make Your Children Less Distracted At Night

Are your children having difficulty sleeping at night? Are they still wide awake even at bedtime? What’s preventing them from sleeping?

It’s not really a good idea to let them sleep way past their bedtime. They would be sluggish the next day due to lack of sleep. It’s not like they can sleep lateas they still have to go to school.

Continuous lack of sleep would also affect their health in the long run. Having proper sleep boosts their immune system and stimulates their growth.We do not want sleep-deprivation to interfere with that.

Bottom line, it’s imperative that children should meet their sleep requirements. So what distracts them and what can parents do about it?

Gadgets – Our children are born in a time where technology is at their disposal. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with gadget usage. Let’s admit it, even adults depend on technology to get things done.

You are reading this article now because it was made possible by technology. It’s actually helpful in a lot of ways. Technology when used well can be a great tool to aid our children’s learning.

Using gadgets during nighttime is the issue though. The screen of their electronic devices emits a blue light that impedes the release of melatonin in the body. This is an important hormone as it regulates the sleeping and waking cycle. Melatonin production even peaks at night. The lesser melatonin you have, the harder it is for you to sleep.

That’s why you should moderate gadget usage. Lessen screen time, hours leading up to your child’s bedtime.

Mattress – Do you still remember the time you have purchased your child’s mattress? Do take note that mattresses aren’t made to last for a lifetime.

Some parents forget that they need to change their child’s mattress every few years. It is suggested that mattresses should be replaced every 7 to 10 years.

Through the years, the mattress will naturally deform and with your child’s growth it may no longer be able to provide the right support as it should. Old mattresses also become nesting grounds of allergens, dust mites, and other insects as time goes on.

These will all contribute to your child’s discomfort in sleeping. How can they sleep on an uncomfortable bed? A dirty mattress also triggers allergy attacks and other respiratory diseases.

It’s actually easy to replace a mattress these days. Go online, order a mattress in a box and before you know – it’s right on your doorstep already. Remember to check the seller’s website though for more information on warranties.

Clutter – What’s another distraction in your child’s bedroom? Clutter. When a room is in a state of disarray, your child may be tempted to clear it first before sleeping. If they have ongoing projects lying all around the room, they may be tempted to work on it instead of sleeping.

What they see around the room should relax them, not distract them from sleep. Teach your children to put away their stuff when they are done. This way, the clutter won’t pile up. Get container bins where they could put their stuff away. Make tidying up a habit.

When your child has trouble sleeping, they are probably faced with plenty of distractions. However, parents can do something about it. Moderate gadget time, replace their old mattress, and clear the clutter in their room. It’s important that they sleep enough during the night for their well-being.

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