How To Make Your Business Premises Look Amazing

When it comes to a brick-and-mortar business, people tend to judge a book by its cover. No matter the quality of your product, if your business premises looks poorly taken care of, then you might be losing potential customers. 

Here are a few ways to give your business property a facelift. 

Clear The Clutter

If the area outside your business is filled with piled-up rubbish, unwanted furniture or equipment, then clearing this should be a priority. You can either hire someone to clear this for you or look at a 5 yard dumpster rental so that you can clean up yourself. 

Remove anything that shouldn’t be there. 

Clean Up

Once you’ve moved any rubbish out of the way, you can then give everything a good clean. A pressure washer is great for cleaning pavements and walls and woodwork.  Removing all of the built-up grime can really bring your business back to life. 

Be thorough and get into all of the difficult to reach places that have been neglected over the years. 

Freshen Up The Decor

Just as moving the clutter helped you see what needed to be cleaned, completing this will let you see the condition of your paintwork.  Paint over any graffiti and give any wall or windows a new coat of paint. You may be inspired to go for a different look and feel altogether and pick a new colour scheme. Don’t forget to paint any shutters or security gates too, as people will be able to see these as they walk past when you’re closed. 

Add some Accessories 

Now it’s time to make the exterior of your property look more inviting. In some good places, accessories can make a huge difference. Think of plants, hanging brackets or new signage. 

Think about anything you put on your building or windows that might advertise your services too. If they are looking messy, faded or out of date, then replace them or remove them. 

Create A Welcome 

When someone steps into your premises, what are they met with? Unless you’re in a retail space, then you will have some kind of reception or waiting area. Spend some time and money making it as welcoming as you can. Try and section it off from the main area. Room dividers are great for this and don’t take up much space. Keep the area as clean as possible. Use some stylish and comfortable seating options and have some refreshments on hand for clients. 

If you have a table there, resist the urge to clutter it up with endless leaflets and magazines. Have a few items to read on there as well as any of your latest marketing material. Less is definitely more in this case. 


They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That goes for your business too. Take some pride and care over your business premises and this will communicate a positive message to potential customers. What could you do to make yours look amazing?

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