How To Maintain Your Physical And Emotional Wellbeing As A Working Mother

It is no secret that being a working mom can be challenging. Juggling between home and work can be difficult, all while trying to keep your sanity. What if we told you that there are ways to help you get through the day? It’s time for us to talk about emotional and physical wellbeing!


Exercise releases endorphins, which are hormones that have mood-boosting effects. Regular exercise can help improve your mood and reduce stress levels. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a few minutes for yourself to do some deep breathing exercises or go for a walk outdoors. It’s essential to make time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes each day.


It’s also important to practice self-care. This means taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically. Eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and take breaks during the day to relax your mind and body. It is also important to prioritise some “me” time. Connect with friends and family, do something you enjoy every day, and take time for yourself. It will be easier to take care of your children and work responsibilities when you’re taking care of yourself.

Keep A Journal

One way to help maintain your emotional wellbeing is to keep a journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings, both good and bad. This can be a great way to release negative emotions and work through them. It can also help you track your progress over time. Seeing how far you’ve come can be motivating!

Speak To Your Employer About Your Challenges

It’s important to speak to your employer about your challenges. Your employer wants you to be successful, and they may be able to help you find a way to balance work with family life. You could also ask them about flexible work arrangements or working from home. If your employer cannot afford you the flexible working hours consider looking for employment at a company that can offer you these benefits. Many companies use a best employee recognition software, which focuses on the retention of their employees and how you can improve your employees’ working experience. A company invested in the happiness of their employees might be a better fit for you as a working mom.

Limit The Time You Spend On Social Media

Social media is great because it allows us to stay connected with friends and family, but you should limit the amount of time spent scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. It’s essential to take a break from all the negativity that certain people post online, whether politics or family members’ issues. It will also be best not to compare yourself to other moms on social media. We tend to forget that social media is not a true reflection of people’s lives.

Accept Help From Friends And Family

Working mothers are often hesitant to accept help from friends and family. We feel like we need to be able to do it all on our own, but that’s not realistic or healthy. Accepting help will make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. It will also allow you to spend time with your loved ones, crucial for your emotional wellbeing.

Embrace Mindfulness And Meditation

You can’t go wrong with mindfulness or meditation regarding your physical health. Being mindful will help you take a step back from the hectic pace of life to enjoy the present moment, which is crucial for staying emotionally balanced. It also helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, which will positively impact your physical health.

Meditation Helps You Stay Focused Meditation is an excellent tool for anyone who has trouble staying focused. It helps you get in touch with the present moment while keeping negative thoughts at bay. This can help reduce stress levels to work more efficiently without feeling overwhelmed.

Stop Wasting Time On Activities And Relationships Which Don’t Enrich Your Life

Working mothers are often guilty of spending time on activities and relationships which don’t enrich their lives. They feel obligated to spend time with friends, take care of their home, and complete other tasks that can be seen as draining or unimportant. However, working mothers need to make time for themselves to focus on their wellbeing and what makes them happy.

Moms are busier than ever. With work, home life, and personal goals to juggle simultaneously, it can be challenging for moms to find that perfect balance. Working moms need to make sure they take care of themselves physically and emotionally each day, so their whole body/mind doesn’t get overwhelmed. You are already a great mother. In addition, follow these valuable tips to better take care of yourself.

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