How to Maintain Good Oral Care At Home

The way you treat your teeth is a reflection of how you take care of your overall health. As the entryway to your body, it serves as the first defence from bacteria and pathogens. However, maintaining your oral care at home can be sometimes difficult. 

With so many temptations and chores to do, these simple oral habits might be neglected. So, what are the main simple dental health tips that you can follow every day that ensures a healthy smile for the future? Read on to know what’s missing from your list. 

10 Dental Tips

Stains and plaque are top enemies when it comes to oral care. As much as possible, the goal of every teeth cleaning habit should be to eradicate or prevent them. With a simple change in technique or an added habit to your daily routine, you too can successfully ward them off. And here are the must-do dental tips for you:

Arrange a Dental Appointment

Brushing and flossing one’s teeth are the staples of commendable oral care. However, there are times (no matter how hard you try) that plaque and tartar are just too stubborn to be removed.

This build-up when left to fester will cause tooth decay, cavities, and toothaches. Well, you don’t have to worry because when it comes to those hard-to-reach areas, your local dentist is there to help you. 

Scheduling a regular cleaning is a must for every member of the household. Professionals agree that it should be done at least twice a year. The good thing is, these dental cleanings are non-invasive. So, from your tiniest tot to your eldest, everyone can participate, pain-free. 

To lessen the hassle of regular visits, make sure that you arrange an appointment with the nearest dentist. You can do that by searching for clinics near you like teeth cleaning services in Brampton or Toronto.

Control Your Diet

Carbohydrates and sugars are important aspects of a healthy human diet. However, consuming too much could be dangerous to your oral health. Bad carbs or nutrients from acidic and junk foods can incur irreversible damage to your enamel.

Low pH levels or acidic chemicals can erode your teeth’ protective cover and lessen their resistance and strength. This teeth-corrosive food and beverages often include heavily processed products such as tea, fruit juices, and coffee. Limiting your consumption doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid them; you just have to find the right balance. 

Crunchy Fruits Can Clean

Consuming vegetables and fruits is always highly recommended. Just like your parents, dentist, or nutritionist, they are an integral aspect of your development. Eating them regularly after every meal does not only mean added nutrients, it also has the added effect of removing plaque. With its abrasive fibers brushing across your mouth, a single bite can help much in scraping off food particles. 


Your mouth regularly produces saliva to aid in digestion, but more importantly for coating your mouth in a protective layer. Composed of mildly acidic enzymes, it helps in fighting off airborne pathogens and odor-causing bacteria.

Gulping down water also flushes out harmful pathogens. So, to ensure that your mouth is ready at all times, constantly hydrate yourself with pure clean water. Adding in flavors and sweeteners will only make dehydration worse.  

Flush It With a Mouthwash

Packaged in different flavors and colorful bottles, rinsing with mouthwash is a critical step to your oral care habits.  Usually applied last after brushing and flossing, a simple mouthwash rinse allows you to reach the farthest corners and crevices of your mouth.

Other brands also contain minerals that nourish your teeth and neutralize mouth acidity.  However, it’s important to note to be careful in choosing brands, as some may be too aggressive for kids. 

Use Floss Alternatives

Flossing one’s teeth with a sterile piece of minted string might seem so easy at first. However, for some people, this can be a challenge as age and being differently-abled can factor in. Arthritis that comes with old age or hyperactivity among children can make it a taxing process. 

Now, despite these difficulties, don’t just skip your flossing routine. There are plenty of alternative flossing devices that can make the experience more bearable. So, try to look for different variations, and pretty sure you’ll find one that suits you. 

Flossing is Crucial

Forgetting to floss is usually caused by rushed routines and lack of information. People don’t realize this, but flossing is just as important as brushing. As a regular toothbrush is limited with its bristles, floss strings can help you reach nooks and crannies that harbour the most plaque.

So, next time you think of skipping it, try to think of these tiny little particles of bacteria and food lodged in the tightest corners of your teeth. Remove them now, by flossing. 

Incorporate Fluoride

Every dental clinic from London to Alberta will tell you to use fluoride toothpaste. So, why is it, that among all chemicals, it’s considered to be the most- teeth-friendly? Well, when you brush with it, as soon as it enters your mouth, it mixes in with growing teeth enamel to fortify it. While at the same time, it mixes with the saliva to help dissolve sugars and bacteria. 

Improve Your Brushing Technique

No matter how expensive your toothbrush or toothpaste is if you’re brushing wrong, then it won’t have the best effect on you. The proper way to brush one’s teeth is to be gentle and use a circular motion.

Clean all parts of your mouth, especially the tongue where plaque and bacteria can gather and congeal. Learn the proper technique by consulting your nearest orthodontics in Burlington, or the ones nearest you. 

Brush Before Sleep

Sleeping switches off your active mind, but some bodily actions are in full motion. Your saliva production, heartbeat, digestion, and more will not sleep — neither does the bacteria in your mouth, they are always active and ready to wreak oral havoc. So, before you slumber, always remember to brush your teeth and make it a clean slate for the next day.

Oral health should always be one of the top priorities in your daily routine. They may seem small and insignificant, but you’re teeth play a crucial role in maintaining your body’s homeostasis. 

Always remember that a clean mouth results in better eating habits, a stronger immune system, and a brighter smile. So, next time when you think you’re too busy to brush your teeth, try to remember its important role, and get cleaning. 

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