How To Keep Your Relationship Strong When Trying To Conceive

How To Keep Your Relationship Strong When Trying To ConceiveThis is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own. #getcloserwithstorkotc

For many couples, trying to get pregnant can be a very long, stressful, and oftentimes frustrating process that puts a strain on a relationship. Trying to conceive can really take a toll on a person and a couple. If you are currently going through the struggles of infertility and trying to conceive, you might find yourself seeking advice on how to keep your relationship strong during this difficult time. Just because you are facing struggles with infertility, this doesn’t mean your relationship has to fall apart. Here are some ways to keep your relationship strong when trying to add to your family.

Plan date nights

Couples trying to conceive can often times find themselves only focusing on that one thing and allowing it to take over their lives. It is important that you plan fertility free date nights, an entire occasion where you don’t allow TTC get in the way. Allow this to be a time to talk about what is going on at work, what hobbies you have in mind, a new TV show you find intriguing, or a vacation you would like to plan. This is the perfect time to catch up on life, as infertility can often be the only topic that is ever on your mind.

Have spontaneous sex

TTC reults in sex that is strictly for purposes of making a baby and it can feel like all work and no play. That is why it is important that you bring spontaneity back into your sex life. Don’t talk about fertility before, during, or after sex…. have sex without the intention of it resulting in a baby! Having sex for just intimacy is going to help you stay connected and bonded as a couple.

Put Away the Blame

Blaming each other, no matter what the fertility issue may be, is pointless and guaranteed to put a strain on your relationship. Does it matter which partner has the medical issues in the relationship? Putting blame on each other isn’t going to change the situation. It is so important that you continue to love and support each other during this time!

Be open with each other

It is so important to keep an open communication with your partner and discuss your feelings and frustrations. Being open and honest with each other ensures that tension doesn’t form and that someone isn’t feeling like their feelings aren’t being heard. You need to be open to discussing other options if naturally conceiving isn’t working for you. Before you run to the doctors and discuss more invasive procedures, go over methods that you can try from the comfort of our home.

If you aren’t quite ready to seek out more invasive procedures to help with fertility, there are other options out there. The Stork OTC is a uniquely designed innovative device that you can use in the comfort of your home. This device is intended to be used during ovulation and to assist your chances of becoming pregnant. This FDA–cleared, over-the-counter device uses cervical cap insemination. This method enables the sperm to quickly bypass the vaginal tract and it places the sperm as close as possible to the opening of the cervix, right where it needs to be to swim up through.

How To Keep Your Relationship Strong When Trying To Conceive

So why do couples choose Stork OTC? Because couples can use the product at home. Plus it goes beyond simple ovulation timing, there is no loss of intimacy, no trying clinic visits, no drugs, no hormones, no invasive procedures, no time lost from work for tests and procedures. The Stork OTC is a very cost effective treatment option for couples and it allows them to stay connected.

How To Keep Your Relationship Strong When Trying To Conceive

If you are a couple losing hope of having their own family, there is a route to take before invasive and costly procedures are an option. Stork can be purchased at CVS and it is located in the family planning section next to ovulation test kits! Make the trip to your local CVS today and take the first steps towards trying to conceive with this helpful and affordable product!

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